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Sunday 10 June 2018

Lords of Olympus Play Report #1!

Yesterday we played the first session of my  new Lords of Olympus campaign.  But instead of telling you about it myself, I'm going to let one of my players tell you; as a play report that he's issuing in order to get bonus points.

So here we go:

The Olympian Chronicles.

Our adventure starts as a small, impoverished house in the Cairo of No-Tutankamon Earth is visited by an old, grim man, leaving behind a letter for the professional treasure hunter Paneb, which contains instructions, straight from his newfound father Hades, to go to a specialized school that would help him understand his mysterious powers.Of course, the letter included a small apology for being absent...His son´s entire life.

Ralph Ipswich, the descendant of the legendary hero of Albion and a promising magic student, is told by his parents that he was adopted, and is due for a much more important fate. Taking a vapor train, and guided by the  Scotsman Smiley, he adventures himself towards Hecate's School of Wizardy, where he meets Paneb for an unlikely mind reading encounter, making the first group of today´s session.

Meanwhile, on Uruguayan Earth, Guillermo Hudson, a masterful and asocial hacker working for the police in Montevideo, and Arrit Peanutbutter, an unusual girl who takes care of animals in the zoo and just ate a very strange golden apple, are visited by Elon Musk, riding on his solar powered space travelling machine, looking for promising individuals with special abilities to fight evil.

Rodolfo Nievi, alias Fito, an Argentinian hacker, biker and whiskey lover, who lives in Climate Change Earth (an earth struck by constant climatic catastrophes) receives an anonymous mail by a strange alias, which invites him to a special mission, with a big pay and the suggestion of information about his origins as a possible reward. He takes a ticket with a false id to a remote place in Africa ad is met by Lutumba, an agent of Elon Musk, who offers to take him to Elon´s secret base.

An unlikely alliance forms as they are taken Elon´s super headquarters in the frozen wastes of
Antartica. Now Elon has assembled Fito, Guillermo and Arrit, and is trying to unite them as part of his Super Team(and our second, group of heroes):  the EM MEN!

Far away, Helena, a mysterious 16 year old from Maine with the power of precognition, Corey, a 18 year old metalhead from who was raised by a strange magic cult, and Aetos, the current emperor of the Grecoromanic Empire in 2637, suddenly wake up in a strange new world called "the City".  Ruled by an elusive figure called "The Architect" , the City is a small island where individuals from distinct worlds were imprisoned because someone wanted them "Removed" from their realities. While not hostile to them, even offering them an easy and problem free life, their assigned guardians, Haqim and Habiba, tell the Godlings that no one has ever escaped the island, uniting the third group in a common goal: Escape.

On Hecate's School of Wizardry
Looking at our wizarding heroes, Both Paneb and Ralph are now introduced to Hecate s school of Wizardy. Paneb is trying to make contacts inside the school, including the famous BOLT-0, master of occultism (but unable to cast any spells, due to his claw-hands and the fact that he's a robot); and the school board director, Aleister Crowley. He makes a deal with BOLT-0 to obtain some illegal human-fat candles that would supposedly help him contact Hades in exchange for a future favor, but the ritual simply fails miserably. Influenced by his newfound teachers, Ralph learns of the possibility to become immortal, and dreams of a future with enough time to do all that he wanted.

Both also have the chance to meet Paredolia (a crazed conspiracy theorist magician obsessed with associating object between each other) and Apophenia (an actually grounded person), children of Morpheus and Iris. But something wrong is going at the school. Paneb is warned by an unknown stranger to escape the school and get to the caves, which the school has claimed many students have disappeared in.This is further complicated by a living shadow's assassination attempt on Paneb!

As they defeat the shadow and the teachers question their students about the incident, Paneb reveals that he had attempted a ritual with candles of human fat. While Aleister Crowley is sure the ritual was just a fluke and had nothing to do with the living shadow´s attempt, he demands to know who gave him the candles. Thinking it as an act of vengeance, Paneb decides to blow the whistle on BOLT-0s human-fat candle smuggling activities, effectively ending his long teaching career as he is dragged away swearing vengeance through his robotic speakers.

On The EM Men Earth

Assisted by the amazing Sea Goat (a man with the head of a goat, and swimming powers), Cyclopes (a humongous Cyclops with a visor), and Daffyd (just a regular dude) the EM Men are tasked to destroy the evil Twitter corporation's secret headquarters, on the inside of an active volcano.Everything seems fine, but our heroes are yet not accustomed to the suits.

The day before the raid, Fito befriends the mighty Cyclops and Guillermo hacks through Elon's files, they both learn about the existence of at least 52 different earths, that Arrit is immortal (and she tells Sea Goat about the Golden Apple she ate, given to the old man who cared for her by a mysterious stranger with sad eyes), and that Elon is actually the son of the mighty forge-God Hephaestus, and bears the title of God of Innovation.

As they charge in on the evil Twitter corporation, they find out that Twitter was preparing a death-ray to subdue earth`s population. As they fly down with Jetpacks into the insides of the volcano, they fight off some half-human half-shark mutants with lasers on their heads. 

While the Uruguay and Argentina team-up of Guillermo and Fito deliver powerful kicks and lasers, Arrit Peanutbutter literally tears the brain of one of the sharks out of their head, showing off her incredible might. They finish off the job as Elon rushes the team out of the almost exploding volcano, but Sea Goat is nowhere to be found...

On the Architect´s City

As they are received in the City s strange culture and hospitality, Helena, Corey and Aetos find out about the Resistance, the City's subversives, they claim a mysterious prophecy about the Lady of the Moon who would help the immigrants to the city finally escape, destroying the "thunder that created the world"; and are viewed by the City´s guards as terrorists,. Using their psychic powers to communicate, the three Godlings have managed to feign submission on the outside, but started scheming to ally themselves with the Resistance and find a way to return to their own worlds.

Worried about her parents, Helena uses her power of scrying to contact them from the distant earth, discovering they are likely are not even in the same planet. They confess to them that she was adopted, given by a strange organization that later just seemed to vanish into thin air. Aetos looks deeply into the cultures of the City, and used his shape changing powers at camera blind spots in his room to learn the forms of some of the City´s high ranking politicians and Habiba, Aetos own "care taker".

Corey and Helena managed to have a brief contact with the elusive leader of the Resistance, who told them that one of them might be the child of the prophecy, and asked them to wander around the bazaar on the following day so they could speak more. Meanwhile, Aetos has infiltrated and seduced his way to information about the architect in the City s high society, learning the place where they meet with their ministers, and the cave where apparently the immigrants arrive.

What is Elon Musk true purpose? Is the Hecate School of Wizardy really the learning place they claim it to be? Will the Godlings be able to escape the trappings of the Architect´s city?

Only Fate truly knows.


So that's it for the play report. Keep in mind it was written by Aetos' player. So there's some things other players might have done in private that he doesn't know about. Likewise, things are being reported from his perspective, and there's a few details he left out (like how Aetos' careful 'infiltrating and seducing' the high society of The City largely involved him having sex with extremely aged bureaucrats of both genders.

But on the whole, a good introduction to the first session of what is going to be a very weird campaign.


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  1. Is there room for another player?

    1. Nice of you to ask! But unfortunately we're full up, and I get the feeling you don't live here, anyways.