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Tuesday 25 September 2018

If You Support, Justify or Excuse Antifa, You ARE Excusing Terrorism Right Now

Over on G+, we were debating the terrorism of Antifa, and some asshole (who insisted on calling them 'punch-nazis', inherently recognizing that the very word Antifa has become toxic through their actions) was claiming that he's not going to condemn the to-him very laudable notion of nazi-punching for some 'slippery slope' theory of what might happen in the "future of punch-nazis" of them "going too far". He was insistent that thus far the movement had not gone too far.

Here's my response:

The 'future' of "punch-nazis"? First, they're not "punch-nazis", they're "punch ANYONE I've arbitrarily called a nazi".

Second, just who among the people who've ALREADY (not in some theoretical 'future') been assaulted or suffered attempted assaults do you think deserved it?

I mean, Richard Spencer and Vox Day are both pieces of shit, who I think deserve to be called out for their ethno-supremacist, racist, or anti-semitic views. They deserve to be mocked and ridiculed. But in a civilized society, that's how we deal with these assholes, not by turning them into martyrs by violently attacking them or censoring them. Are you that afraid that you won't be able to point out how fucking stupid they are by refuting their toxic ideas, that you'd rather just concede you can't by physically silencing them?

And who beyond that, out of the people who have been attacked and censored by the SJWs and the Stalinist Antifa, do you think actually deserved it?  I'm guessing maybe Milo, the gay dude?

Jordan Peterson, the geeky college professor who talks about mythology? Does he deserve punching? Is he a Nazi, even though he's talked at length about the essential importance of combating the mentality that leads to the death camps and described them and the people that ran them as the ultimate evil?

Maybe Ezra Levant? Ben Shapiro? Barbara Kay? Are they all Jewish "nazis"?

Do you think Ian Miles Cheong is a white supremacist that needs to be assaulted?

How about Tanveer Ahmed or Maajid Nawaz? They sure sound like Nazis! I mean, I guess pretty much all Muslims who are the slightest bit critical of extremist fundamentalism in the Muslim world and defend democratic values are basically nazis deserving to be punched, right? 

Sheila Gunn Reid was assaulted by a supposed 'nazi-puncher' outside the Alberta Legislature for daring to report critically at the anti-Trump women's rally. Should she have been punched? Because she's not a nazi from anything I've seen?

What about Indian intellectual Tarek Fatah? He's received death threats in India and the west because of his advocating for secular liberal society, not only from Muslim fundamentalists (Fatah himself is a Muslim) but also from left-wing 'nazi-puncher' stalinists who call him a Nazi for believing in secular society.

Does believing in a secular liberal democratic society qualify you for nazi-punching?

Jeremy Hambly might not be to everyone's liking, but I've never seen him say anything remotely 'nazi', and yet like Venger and myself (and I don't know about Venger, but I received death threats during consultantgate, and more than a few of the people you think of as brave nazi-punchers have talked big about physically assaulting me) he was Declared a "Nazi" and got violently assaulted in a bar in front of a half-dozen witnesses at Gencon, by a Stalinist retard who was screaming "I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill you". Did Hambly deserve that in your opinion? These are the people you're claiming are justified, right?

Christina Hoff Summers is a 1960s feminist and registered democrat but because she's been critical of the association of 3rd-wave feminist with marxist 'equity'-based identity-politics she's had her speech disrupted, people wanting to hear what she has to say assaulted, and her life threatened multiple times. I bet she totally deserves to be punched, right? Oh, and she's yet another of these Nazi Jews. Who'd have thunk it, right?

Or Ayan Hirsi Ali? Should she need constant protection because of her opposition to female genital mutilation and her rejection of the Islamic faith she'd been born into (I'm pretty sure if I'd had my genitals horrifically mutilated, I'd be rejecting the faith of my birth as well)? Does she deserve to have left-wing psychopaths threatening her and trying to censor her and assaulting people who come to hear her speak? Is a Somali-born democrat who believes in classical liberal western values a nazi to you? Did she deserve it?

How about Maryam Namazie? She's a Iranian-born secularist and avowed socialist human-rights campaigner, but she was declared a "nazi" by the Feminist society at Goldsmith's university London, and was aggressively threatened and had her talk there disrupted.

I mean, I could go on, but I trust you get the point. Just who on these lists are you suggesting deserve the punching you seem to be so OK with?
And if any of these people don't, why are you defending these antifa terrorist thugs as though they were actually heroic 'nazi-punchers' defending our values, when in fact they are assaulting women, people of color, and minorities as well as other free thinkers in an all-out war against the most fundamental values of western liberal democracy?


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  1. Looks to me like another home run for the Pundit.

  2. Great post. I wasn't aware of Maryam Namazie so thanks for the tip. My sister did her bachelors degree at Goldsmiths. It was always the red headed stepchild of London University.

  3. The only way antifa will get a chance to punch a real nazi is in a US prison. That will not go well.


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