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Tuesday 18 September 2018

New Classes for Lion & Dragon!

The latest issue of RPGPundit Presents is giving you some new classes for Lion & Dragon (or any other OSR game with a bit of adjusting).  But while there's no reason why a PC couldn't play one if they really wanted to, RPGPundit Presents #46: Courtiers, Priests, Sages and Craftsmen is mainly for NPCs.

I've had a few fans of Lion & Dragon (and Dark Albion) telling me that though they understand and like the low level-distribution of the default setting of the game, and that it makes sense that to keep the game credibly medieval-authentic (and kind of gritty) the vast majority of people in the world should be 0-level, they didn't think it made sense that the only people who would have any levels at all would be people in the 'adventuring classes'.  And they're right of course. Fans of L&D wanted a way to have some important non-adventuring people be more competent or able, but NOT by just making them 'retired fighters' or something like that. They also wanted these classes to be largely focused on the abilities or training of these professionals, and not physical or combat stats.

So Courtiers, Priests, Sages and Craftsmen is a book with these four new Medieval-Authentic Character Classes that let you make more competent "professionals" in the area of the noble/royal court, the institutional Church, Academics, and the Guild crafts.
While I assume they're going to mainly be used to make NPCs, they're set up identical to any PC class and there's no reason a player can't play one if he really likes, or that a DM could use this supplement to run a Medieval-Authentic campaign based entirely in one of these professions or environments!

So be sure to check out RPGPundit Presents #46: Courtiers, Priests, Sages and Craftsmen on DTRPG or over at the Precis Intermedia Webstore for just $1.99. That's less than 50 cents per class!

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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