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Saturday 15 September 2018

Lords of Olympus Play Report: Ares Devastates the Land of Happiness

Here's a play report from the last session of my Lords of Olympus campaign.  As usual, it's a guest post, written by one of my players (who plays Aetos, divine parent unknown, but soon to potentially be an Olympian under the patronage of Athena).

Here we go:

On the Underworld:

Young Paneb, anxious about knowing his brother´s identity, tried to speak to Erebus, the great God and Plane of Darkness.  He decided to try to enlist Dou-mu to help him, yet Dou-mu told him that she could only accompany him to the river of Acheron, where Charon, the grumpy riverman, resides. He met the great dog Cerberus and managed to cross the river to the dark neighborhood. 

Understandably, he didn´t see shit. And as he wailed for information to the darkness, asking for the mysterious Frank, Erebus decided to bringing a bunch of different mortals named Frank.

He tried to light the place with his Glamour, and as he did, he saw a small hieroglyph made of pure shadow that resembled an Indian sacred building.

The light enraged Erebus, and Paneb had to flee using his illusion magic to rescue the Franks and escape from all the Shadow Demons.

Scared, Paneb tried to skip the line for Charon's ferry, and the grumpy guardian was not about to let that happen. As a fight broke out, Hecate called out to Paneb and helped him cross to the other side.After a brief talk, Hecate managed to obtain the information about Frank from him, and offered to find him while Paneb remained studying magic in the Underworld. Hecate figured out that this symbol Paneb found might have something to do with Epic India, in the same earth that Paneb was born. To go there, Paneb requested from his father to obtain the permission to walk the Hadean Road. His father agreed, so long as he went with someone trustworthy, like Ralph....Hecate´s main student.

On the Cave of the Maenads.

As Moon Girl was worried about what happened to Toilette and her revolution, Helena offered to help her finish it off, escaping silently with her friend, knowing Moon Girl would eventually return the favor as well on her quest to find her Divine parent´s identity.

To the Architect´s City.

They used the Moon Chariot to return to the City, but found out that Eris and her family where destroying everything and causing a great deal of mayhem. Both the CLM and the Resistance were down in numbers, and revolution had lent itself well for Eris's machinations.

Finding Toilette in the middle of a heated fight, they seem to arrive just in time to rescue her from Ate, the punk Goddess of Ruin, and Disnomya, the anarchic Goddess of Lawlesness, two of Eris' demigod children. They joined the brawl, and while Helena could dodge Ate and her super speed abilities, Moongirl was practically wrecked by Ate, and as Toilette had also received a great deal of damage. They decided to run, knowing that Eris and her children, being Primordials, are practically indestructible.

Once they fled and headed to a rendevous point on the beach, they determined that they needed help in Olympus. Knowing going back to the moon chariot would have Selene find out about Helena and Moongirl's escapade, Helena once again was obliged to use her Scrying...This talk to Corey.

On the Land of Happiness.

Ares took Corey towards the Land of Happiness, so they could finally destroy with his army their terrible hated enemies, the Happy people. After meeting with Deimos and Phobos, Corey accompanied Ares and wholesale slaughtered an entire country.

Ares knew he was educating her well. He gave her one of his Owl-Eagles, to make sure she wasn't killed by Ares' sons in her sleep. Both Deimos and Phobos seemed to be jealous of the attention Ares gave Corey.

Now in a binge cycle of drinking, partying , training and killing, and equipped with a longsword and medieval armor, a proud Ares offered Corey her last test for obtaining immortality: She must kill a Chimera in the large mountains of the realm. As she accepted, she was contacted by Helena with scrying, who needed help to get Eris out of the city, but couldn't contact Olympus. By telling Ares he had been tricked and used by Eris, she managed to convince him to go to the City to help.Ares still considers Scrying to be an ability for nerds though.

At one point, Ralph appeared on this earth after a loss of control and a transformation into his Primordial form. After a brief encounter with Ares and Corey and running away, Hecate opened a portal for Ralph, with his now achieved Metamorphosis,back to the underworld.

On the Nautilus

Guillermo, Fito and Arrit had all quite a time in the Natuilus, as Fito talked with Briareus to obtain a new trident and tried to teach Arrit how to summon a Daemon, and Guillermo tried to find out more information about how to contact primordials. They also saw how Cousteau is pretty much documenting every single one of Poseidon's adventures, and saw the dramatic scene where Aquaman died. (The Jason Momoa version?Who knows).

At one point, the Nautilus had to take a stop before continuing to find the Kraken to avenge Aquaman. This was done in the Blue Palm Islands.

In the Island, Someone tried to deceive Arrit with a "free puppies" sign, but Arrit miraculously managed to resist. The bets where off when a band of pirates that where sidekick traffickers kidnapped both Dafyd (Guillermo's Sidekick) and Norbert (the Nautilus' supply officer). Both Arrit and the rest of the party separately tracked the pirates to an abandoned resort on the other side of the Island.

A quick fight ensued, but the combined might of the Godlings with the King of the Sea was enough to destroy the pirates (Poseidon did most of the work), though the Nautilus' especially stupid walrus died. With their sidekicks returned, our heroes decided to head on for the mysterious free-puppies sign, this time looking to figure out who tried to trick Arrit.

On Modern Grecoromania.

Aetos spent a good long 5 years retaking his homeland, and, after having been aided by and bonded with the Minotaur, he managed to install a Constitutional Monarchy, where the family line would have powers over certain areas of government, like military and protection of the system, and would have a certain veto power, but would share and relinquish some privileges to an elected body of ministers, which would be able to also propose and pass legislation to their desires. Having done this, he gave the Minotaur his own mega labyrinth to live on Grecoromania, and had him become one of his counselors. Believing the Goddess Athena would never come back, he tried living his life to the fullest, but one day, the black streak reappeared and took Aetos away.This time, thought, Aetos was prepared, and his system would not fall to his disappearance.

Athena congratulated him for his wisdom and work, saying that, thanks to Modern Grecoromania's fast time, she observed everything that was going on. She told him that she would take him to Olympus and have Zeus grant him immortality, but under the condition that Aetos would not seek who his real Divine parent is. As Athena only offered to return Aetos to his earth should he refused, he decided to accept, under the condition that Pallas Athena swore that she would take care of him as if she was his own mother. She agreed, and they parted to Olympus.

On Olympus

On Olympus, Aetos met many of the Olympian Gods, and their servants including the Muses, Nike, who is Athena's best friend and swore to Athena to treat Aetos as a brother, (which promoted Aetos and her to immediately compete in a parchesi game, which Nike won), Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods(who, upon shaking Aetos hand, read his mind) an Indian servant of Zeus named Babu that had stabbed Zeus once in India...but saved him afterwards.

And finally, the Allmighty King of Heaven, Zeus himself. Athena asked Zeus to grant Aetos immortality, and Zeus agreed. For doing this, he would contact his Divine Council, and cast the vote that Aetos should become immortal. After this, a great celebration would ensue.

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