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Sunday, 2 September 2018

Inappropriate Characters LIVE Today!

Yes, Inappropriate Characters, my show with Venger Satanis and James Desborough, making us the three most censored RPG Game Designers, is on TONIGHT, LIVE, at 7:30pm CST!

We're going to be talking, as usual, in a no holds barred fashion about all kinds of subjects in the RPG world, including the latest controversies and SJW craziness.

So, if you can, check us out at 7:30PM CST (that's about three hours from now as of the time of this writing), and share this info with others. We love to see you while we're live to watch your comments.


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PS: While you wait, here's a fun fact: Google/Youtube thinks that Venger Satanis is "Curly" from the Three Stooges!

PPS: OK and we are LIVE in 10 minutes! GO HERE NOW


  1. Dear tentacled Lord, I just kept owning Pundit at every angle... the audience probably felt sorry for him. Sad!

    1. The comments on the livestream itself, and on Twitter later, make it very clear that the audience thinks I owned you.

    2. I'd like to see some sort of proof to such flagrant FAKE NEWS, hoss!

    3. Look at the comments on the video. Have you figured out how to do that yet?

      Also, the comments you replied to on my twitter account. You know, like the one I sent you that said "Pundit won the feud", and I wrote "Suck it, Venger?"

      Or are you pretending those things didn't happen now?

    4. Saw the comments below the video. Seemed evenly divided. Half say Venger won, half say Pundit lost.

    5. My dude, what universe are you living in?! Show me one post, on either the live chat replay or the post-chat comments, that unequivocally says you won.