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Tuesday 4 September 2018

Overview of RPGPundit Presents Supplements So Far

So as I reported last week, Precis has been having some computer troubles, and they're still delayed. I've been told there MIGHT be a new release of the next Pundit Presents issue sometime around the end of the week, but if not there'll surely be a new issue next week.

But I'm betting most of you reading this haven't looked at all of the issues so far!  So here's a quick recap of what each one is about:

RPGPundit Presents #1: DungeonChef!
The one that started it all! This is a gonzo guide to what happens when you eat all kinds of typical OSR/D&D monsters, including random tables and more.

RPGPundit Presents #2: The Goetia  (usable for Lion & Dragon!)
This is a simplified version of the demon-Summoning rules from Lion & Dragon, plus a listing of a large bunch of demons and their properties and powers, based on a REAL medieval grimoire.

RPGPundit Presents #3: High-Tech Weapons
A set of simple rules for high-tech weapons, from revolvers to Ion Guns, for use with any OSR game.

The first Last Sun setting supplement, this details the Hipster Elves of that world and their Dome-habitats, with some great random tables and weird items thrown in.
An adventure scenario for Lion & Dragon, where the PCs must investigate a sinister medieval-authentic cult in a small backwater village.

RPGPundit Presents #6: The Distinguished Wizard's Guide to Pipes and Pipeweed 
A quick guide to using pipes and pipe-weed in your OSR/D&D game, and including a big list of 30 unique and weird magical pipeweeds!

RPGPundit Presents #7: The Medieval-Authentic Vancian Wizard's Spellbook
A short supplement explaining a different way to use spellbooks, in a more authentic way, if you want to keep the Vancian magic system for your OSR game.

RPGPundit Presents #8: Three Medieval-Authentic Grimoires (usable for Lion & Dragon!)
Three different books of strange and powerful magic to enhance your spellcasters, for Lion & Dragon or any other OSR/D&D-derived game, all based on real historical grimoires.
Another medieval-grimoire spellbook converted for use in Lion & Dragon or any other OSR/D&D-derived game.

Every dungeon needs to have a kitchen sink! Here's a set of random tables for generating a kitchen sink: magical or non, deadly or harmless or beneficial, your players will never know quite what to expect.

A collection of ten famous crazy wizards (all inspired by different historical characters), each presented with their backstory, and a unique new spell or item(s) of use!

Another in the "Grimoire" series, this features two more magical grimoires based on real medieval books, to introduce more medieval-authentic magic to your game!

So you've killed a dragon... this short book tells you some interesting things you can do with its body parts! 

An adventure secnario for Lion & Dragon (or any other OSR/DnD game), featuring a dangerous cult with local political power, but there's a strange twist to this one! The Secret Order has a shocking secret of its own.

For the Last Sun Gonzo-OSR setting, this details the area where the Last Sun campaign first began!

The Great City of Arkhome is a fantastic and grimy OSR urban setting, complete with factions and of course plenty of random tables.
An adventure scenario for Lion & Dragon (or any other OSR/DnD game).  The local lord is a famous adventurer and monster-hunter, but children have started to go missing in the area. Is he actually a villain, or is someone (or something) else responsible?

A supplement for Lion & Dragon, but usable in any OSR game, this provides a coherent and medieval-authentic system of astrology for your wise men and wizards. Not just for predicting the future, but also for determining modifiers for characters based on their horoscope, creating astrological cures, potions, and more! 

A system for generating random Robots (or whole 'races' of Robots) for your Gonzo OSR/DnD-derived game! 

More information on the great city of Arkhome. Learn about some of the weirder and more curious places and characters of the city which you could put into any gritty/gonzo urban OSR game; plus some random encounter tables for the areas around and under the great city!

An adventure scenario for Lion & Dragon or any other OSR/DnD-derived game.  Strange creatures have been spotted in a backwoods road used by bandits and smugglers.  Investigation leads to a family of cultists and a dangerous ancient tomb.

A set of 13 cursed items, each unique and new (and based on historical objects), that will be too tempting for your characters to just throw away. A different take on cursed objects than you usually see.

A collection of miscellaneous Gonzo-OSR creatures and items, for the Last Sun setting but usable in any campaign!

For Lion & Dragon and the Dark Albion setting, but usable for any order of militant clerics; this set of rules and laws for the order are based on the real rules and privileges of militant knightly orders of the middle ages!

A magic portal you can put into any OSR/DnD-derived game, it leads to 16 random pocket worlds, each totally unique, with great risks and rewards. 

A complete guide to creating Gonzo-OSR mutants for the world of the Last Sun or any other gonzo setting. This book also includes a simple but complete set of Psionic rules! 

Taken straight from the pages of Dark Albion, this is a setting-neutral version of the domain-management and mass-combat rules that you can use in any OSR/DnD-derived game. 

A higher-level scenario for Lion & Dragon but usable in any OSR campaign; the PCs must travel to a lawless land in the distant north to face down a powerful sorcerer/warrior building up an army before he gets too strong to stop. Only the dangers are greater than the appear...

For the world of the Last Sun, this presents a complete guide to the most famous Lawful order of gender-indeterminate wizards, adaptable to any gonzo setting.

For Lion & Dragon but usable in any OSR/DnD-derived game, this presents a medieval-authentic take on the lands of faeries and elves: weird, wonderful, and incredibly dangerous! 

For Lion & Dragon or any other OSR/DnD-derived game, this is not just the Tarot for fortune-telling, but also for occult lore, magical invocation, and even astral travel to other planes.

A guide to another very Gonzo region of the Last Sun setting, easily ported into your own Gonzo campaign.

An adventure scenario for Lion & Dragon (or any other OSR/DnD-derived game) that has very little magical or supernatural dangers. Instead, the threat to the PCs' lives comes from deadly nature, and the bloody struggle of man vs. man. 

This Last Sun supplement explains some of the secrets of this Gonzo setting, and some of its stranger creatures and places. 

A set of 30 medieval-authentic adventure hooks (for Lion & Dragon or any other OSR/DnD game) that are based on the intrigues of a medieval court.

A Gonzo Adventure-scenario for the world of the Last Sun (but easily portable to any gonzo OSR game), involving two barbarian tribes on the verge of wiping themselves out in war. Will the PCs try to stop the slaughter, or take a side?

For Lion & Dragon but entirely complete for porting to any Old-School game, these critical tables based on attack-type with serious anatomical precision help you make your game gritty and deadly.

A set of 20 short wilderness encounters, all inspired by medieval folklore, for Lion & Dragon or any other old-school game.

Another Gonzo Adventure for the world of the Last Sun, set in the same great forest as #36 (but you don't need that book to run this adventure). A tribe of degenerate mutants have been taken over by a powerful 'tree druid', who plans to make war against all of the civilized world, starting with the Smug Elves of the Science Dome. 

A Medieval-Authentic adventure scenario for Lion & Dragon or any other OSR/DnD-derived game.  A powerful wizard has raised up a group of hill tribes to restart an old rebellion. The PCs are tasked with getting to his tower and putting an end to him. But this tower has a lot of tricks, and unexpected dangers.

A system to manage travelling small-scale merchant businesses for Lion & Dragon or any other Old School game where you want to introduce some medieval-authenticity. Find out about the various challenges faced by merchants trying to make a living in the medieval world, including banditry and other roadside dangers, taxes and tolls and bribery, smuggling, and the Court of Piepowders! 

An epic gonzo adventure, set in the world of the Last Sun but usable in any gonzo game.  A long-dead wizard is rumored to have invented a modified version of the magic missile spell that might just be the key to defeating a terrible Demon lord. But to get to it the PCs will have to make their way through the demon's borderlands, face his orc armies and wraith princes, and his deadly dungeon. Plus, the Halconlords, Hipster Elves, and Lenny the Cannibal! 

An urban medieval-authentic adventure scenario for Lion & Dragon set in the streets of London (but portable to any old-school game or big city). A trio of rogues claim to have a priceless artifact for sale, but it sounds too good to be true. The PCs have to figure out what's what, and this will lead them to ancient ruins below the city and a terrible inhuman enemy.

When your PCs get to mid or high level, they'll want to do more than just tomb-robbing. This sourcebook covers rules for cost of living, purchasing land, farming, mercenary work, teaching in a collegium, running a clerical priory, or ruling a street gang. Plus small and big business, children and inheritance, and what happens when the local aristocracy start to take notice of you. Usable with Lion & Dragon or any other old-school game.

So that's the list of products so far.  Check them out, you won't be disappointed!

And stay tuned soon for upcoming issues!


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