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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Why I Can't Just Ignore (or be Civil) With Venger's Attackers

It would not be unfair to describe Venger Satanis as a "smut peddler". Not quite the Larry Flynt of RPGs, but probably our closest equivalent. And some people could have legitimate complaints against him for that (legitimate, in the sense that it would be fair for some people to be offended by him).
It would be more hard to imagine anyone being really 'offended' by his wuss-liberal Hillary-voting centrist policies, except maybe by their inherent wussiness. But hey, I guess if you really don't like that the guy voted for Hillary (and there's certainly great criticisms to be had of the very notion of voting for Hillary) you could complain about that and it would be legitimate too.

But shitbags like David Black and the other cunts who attacked him this week? No, they're not legitimate.

Nor can my response to them be "civil". The incivility of both their methods (lies, smear campaigns, and calls for mass censure) and their motives (Stalinist-style totalitarianism) are such that they demand an extremely uncivil response.

None of us can ignore them, because they cannot just ignore us.

You see, Totalitarians can never "just ignore" you. It's the difference between totalitarianism and authoritarianism.

With Authoritarians, they need you to not say "no". You can't defy their authority. You need to either say yes or keep silent.

With Totalitarians, that's not enough. Every moment of your life must be actively engaged in Agreeing with them. You must not just say Yes, you must say Yes to everything they demand, and you must say it ALL THE TIME, in every action you take.  If you are just keeping silent, you are Refusing to Agree, and that is enough for them to need to make you agree or completely destroy you.

Which is why we also can't just ignore them. Totalitarians must be fought, actively, at every moment.  Not for  one moment can you imply that it's OK for them to push their agenda that would (if they had the power) deprive every human being on earth of either their life or their essential liberty.


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  1. I don't think Black is a tankie. I can't read his mind but, from this case, it seems to me he's a guy who wants to raise his cred as an activist on social networks with minimal effort and Venger was a target of opportunity.

    1. @Thomas Vanstraelen: That's the same thing TheRPGPundit does on a normal basis. This is a guy who tried to start D&Dgate and was laughed at and ignored. TheRPGPundit is a guy with low intelligence, who is insecure and is trying to raise his status by posting this fake outrage crap and make him feel better about himself.

      Meanwhile, the stupid crap that people like Black does, the stupid stuff the TheRPGPundit does and even the fact that the storygamer people exist don't effect my gaming at all. He acts like this stuff effects the hobby when none of it matters

      I play D&D, I play DCC. I think storygames are stupid. I think people need to play more and stop looking for crap to be offended by. Storygames existing doesn't effect my part of the hobby at all. The Pundit's sky is falling crap is just that, crap. The majority of gamers are playing and are not even paying attention to the crap people like The Pundit, Black, Ron Edwards or any of the other jackasses spewing crap are saying.

      I don't boycott Venger's stuff, I don't buy it because it is poorly written and he is a terrible game designer. I downloaded his stuff when it was free, saw how terrible it is and immediately deleted it.

      I think Black should shut the fuck up and let people see Venger's work and either buy it or not based on the quality (or lack there of) the work.

      I mostly read rpg related posts but I don't post and I have abandoned social media because it is a waste of time. People need to waste less time posting on social media and more time actually gaming

    2. ALL SJWs are 'tankies'. They are (increasingly less) limited by a fear of public rejection if they say what they really want, but it is obvious that if they had absolute power, their entire ideology DEMANDS the gulags and the guillotine.

    3. LOL. I love how 'truthsayers' entire online existence is defined by endlessly, obsessively, desperately, and unsuccessfully trying to 'take down' a guy he claims is 'low intelligence'.

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    6. Pundit, this is where I disagree with you: I don't see any ideology here, only elementary school-level "Look at me, I'm cool !" politicking.
      But if you want to see David Black as one of the heads of the Big Bad Leftist Hydra and you as the noble savior of RPGdom, go for it. It's certainly good for your ego (also you are defending a friend here, which probably puts you on a higher moral ground than Black's, regardless of what Truthsayer says).

    7. Black has a long, long history of defending SJW and Antifa terrorism.

    8. @Thomas Vanstraelen First off, I clearly did not defend black. I actually said that what he was doing was stupid and people should not buy Vengars products based on the quaility and whether it is what they want or not. I understand what the Pundit is doing, but I also know it's just as much for trying to inflate his ego as it is protecting a friend.

      And I love how mister "Censorship is bad" deleted my post, which shows exactly what a hypocrite he really is. The Pundit doesn't like arguing with people who are smart than he is because he cannot keep up.

    9. For the record, I deleted "truthsayer's" post because he was trying to fucking DOXX me on it. He's a piece of human garbage and the world would be better off if he wasn't in it.

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    11. Never mind. I'm not getting between the bullshit between you and Truthsayer. I have a D&D game to prepare for and need to keep my nose out of pretty arguments.

    12. Your use of the word 'terrorism' is insulting, Pundit.
      I've seen the real deal from up-close. Your petty culture wars are nothing like it.

    13. I'm pretty sure that having the choice of either cowering and hiding or risking having your skull caved in by a bike lock or being beaten into a coma with metal bars or having a firework shot at your face just for wanting to go hear a democratic free-speech activist talk at a college counts as 'terrorism'.

    14. Need I mention that just this weekend Mythcon faced a bomb threat just because they invited noted classical liberal Sargon of Akkad to speak there? Pretty sure fear of being blown to bits for the sake of free speech counts as 'terrorism'.

    15. No, it doesn't. Bullshit bomb threats and unverifiable claims of assault (boy, are the wingnuts whiny when they cry "oppression !") are one thing, the quite vivid picture of a human body pressed through an opening far too small to accomodate it by expanding gases is another.
      Also, stopping hatespeech (by any means necessary) is not terrorism.

    16. So I absolutely believe in killing Nazis... but I see no legitimate reason for Venger to be targeted.

    17. So first, you're saying Antifa should get to define 'hatespeech' and murder anyone who disagrees with them on the basis of hate speech?

      Because that's what you get if you defend antifa attacking people on the basis of alleged 'hatespeech'.

      Second, who the fuck are you to think you have a right to define what speech I get a chance to hear or not?

      Third, you're arguing that because antifa haven't quite yet had the upper body strength, intellect or dumb luck to SUCCESSFULLY kill anyone, I need to wait until they've actually committed murder instead of just attempted murder to call them terrorists?

  2. “You see these dictators on their pedestals, surrounded by the bayonets of their soldiers and the truncheons of their police ... yet in their hearts there is unspoken fear. They are afraid of words and thoughts: words spoken abroad, thoughts stirring at home -- all the more powerful because forbidden -- terrify them. A little mouse of thought appears in the room, and even the mightiest potentates are thrown into panic.” -- Winston Churchill

  3. I was very appreciative of the support received. Their network is strong because they are nothing without numbers. And they push with what little they have because we keep beating them down, time and time again. David Black isn't any kind of leader, just the most recent voice.

    But his FB post is down (or invisible), so for awhile I can rest... with one eye open.

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    1. Sorry, that was actually my own mistake. I was linking to an earlier post of mine and did it wrong. Fixed now. Thanks for letting me know.