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Thursday 24 January 2019

16 Gonzo Characters for Your OSR Campaign!

Hey guys, it's time for another RPGPundit presents. And the premise of this week's issue is pretty straightforward.  If you are readers of my blog, you've probably been following my epic half-decade long DCC "Last Sun" campaign, which is now being developed slowly in the various Presents issues.

Well, "RPGPundit Presents #64: 16 Gonzo Characters of the Last Sun" treats you with 16 of the famous PCs from the world of the Last Sun, including:

-Publio, who was trained wrong on purpose
-Kenneth, AKA "Elvish Presley"
-Zaphar the acolyte
-MC Untouchable
-Ironbutt the Metal Ex-Cleric
-Schuul the murderer
-Uncle Shebubu, of the cult of Ack'basha
-Ted the Elf (Bill's brother)
-Bytharion the Trisexual Wizard of the Azure Order
-Night the Pirate Elf
-Vishal the Foul
-Constantia the Torturer
-Sahar son of Saharin, Dwarf Wizard
-"Ropetrick" the worthless wizard
-Sotar the Fanfiction Writer
-and Ack'basha the Cleric himself!

Each of them is fully stated out, along with backstory, and equipment.

The characters in this collection range from levels 1-5, and can be used as player characters for a gonzo pickup game, or as awesome NPCs for your ongoing Gonzo OSR or D&D campaigns!

So, whether you're a fan of the Last Sun setting or just looking for a bunch of weirdo PCs or NPCs, be sure to check out RPGpundit Presents #64: 16 Gonzo Characters of the Last Sun on DTRPG, or check it out on the Precis Intermedia Webstore.

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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  1. If your crew of spacers ever gets trapped in The Last Sun campaign, these would be hilarious NPCs!