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Friday 4 January 2019

Matt Mercer Won't Admit The Real Reason for the "Mercer Effect"

In my latest video, I talk about the so-called "Mercer Effect", a phenomenon causing problems for a lot of D&D DMs with newbie players joining their groups.

And Matthew Mercer, executive-producer of the "Critical Role" D&D-themed Reality Youtube Show, has expressed a lot of faux concern on twitter about DMs complaining about the Mercer Effect, but he won't admit the fundamental truth that is behind the effect. He could, but he just doesn't want to for selfish reasons.

Check out the video!


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  1. I left this comment on the youtube video and will probably do so in the forum as well.
    I was in a chat where the question, "How do you deal with the Matt Mercer effect"
    My answer of "with a baseball bat" was deemed unacceptable.