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Sunday 20 January 2019

Inappropriate Characters, Guest Starring The Evil DM!

Here's our latest episode of Inappropriate Characters, fresh off the Livestream, where we had our second-ever guest panelist, The Evil DM!

We talked about:

-his latest products
-his latest article for Bleeding Fool
-his upcoming new edition of Mazes & Perils

-the 2019 Zelarts Scholarship (this is a very good cause! Please support it and share it!)
-The 2nd anniversary of President Trump's inauguration, and whether or not Venger (an infamous Hillary voter) will actually vote for him in 2020
-Venger's new OSR Kickstarter 
-Grim's new webstore for controversial RPG products (and non-controversial ones, I assume)
-The new NPR/PBS poll that reveals Trump now has 50% support among Latino/Hispanic voters!
And more!!

Check it out:

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  1. Do you know who would make an ideal OSR guest for you guys? And I'm 75% serious when I say this - James Maliszewski.

    His religious conservatism would make Grimjim have a coronary, his Kickstarter antics, Grognardia, Dwimmermount, would certainly make for a spicy discussion when compared to Cha'alt and Arrows of Indra.

    Assuming you can find him, that is....

  2. He would never have the balls to face me in an unmoderated environment.