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Monday 28 January 2019

RPGPundit Presents is Back in Spanish!

So, when the RPGPundit Presents series came out, it was originally being matched with a Spanish Translation for every issue, which I figured was a good idea in terms of offering that as a service to Spanish-speaking gamers that might prefer the books in their native tongue rather than English.

Unfortunately, our translator had some personal difficulties that got in the way of that project continuing. While I'm fully fluent in Spanish, and my spoken Spanish is very good, I'm definitely not up to a level of writing in Spanish that would be viable for a professionally made product. So for a while, we were forced to suspend the Spanish issues.

But now we're back! Our translator was able to take up the job again and we hope that the series will continue.

As of today, I present our Spanish readers with RPGPundit Presents #41: Mercaderes y Caravanas Medievales.  This is a translation of Medieval-Authentic Merchants & Caravans.

"Este número presenta pautas para dirigir actividades comerciales medievales en juegos OSR, incluyendo lo que ocurre durante viajes en caravana (encuentros varios) y ferias mercantiles, además de cómo gestionar impuestos, peajes y conflictos."

So, if you're a Spanish gamer, be sure to check it out! You can purchase Mercaderes Y Caravanas Medievales on DTRPG, or from the Precis Intermedia Webstore!


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(note: as of the moment of publication, DTRPG is down for some upkeep, so if you were planning to purchase it there and the link doesn't work, you can either try again later, or alternately pick it up from the Precis store!)

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