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Thursday 17 January 2019

Medieval-Authentic Folk-Magic Spells!

In my RPGPundit Presents series I've already provided a number of sourcebooks that provide whole mini-systems of magic, meant to be extensions to the magic system of Lion & Dragon but usable in any OSR game.   These are all based on real medieval-authentic sources of how people in the middle ages and very early Renaissance imagined magic to work. Most of these have been based on the magical rituals in period-authentic Grimoires. They've also covered specific occult techniques like medieval astrology and the Tarot.

But all of those were focused on what you could call the 'high magic' of the erudite classes. I've also done a few issues that were dedicate to magic out of legend, the magic attributed to fairies and witches and druids, like glamour or enchantment magic

Now, I'm presenting something else. In  RPGPundit Presents #63: Miscellaneous Medieval-Authentic Spells, I'm giving you a list of 20 different unusual magical rituals mainly drawn from the real folk-magic of the era. Not the kind of stuff that ends up in the academic grimoires, but that are recounted from other sources.

Miscellaneous Medieval-Authentic Spells includes guidelines for how these rituals can be mechanically run in an OSR system, ways that your wizards could gain these rituals, and options for who could use them.

Then you get a whole set of very unusual but very historically accurate sorts of rituals for all kinds of unusual purposes.  There is:

-A ritual involving cheese to prove if someone's a thief

-A ritual involving a bat to summon a horse

-A ritual involving a rose to stop bleeding

-A ritual with a magic charm to make someone pregnant

-A circle-casting ritual to protect you against missile weapons

-A cloak ritual to protect you from lightning

-A crystal ritual to win debates at the Court

-A toad ritual to get across a river.

-A stone ritual for battle-magic

-A serpent ritual to kill an oath-breaker

And ten others!

So don't miss this one, be sure to check out RPGPundit Presents #63: Miscellaneous Medieval-Authentic Spells, from DTRPG, or available from the Precis Intermedia Web Store!

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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