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Monday 7 January 2019

Open for Reviews in 2019!

This is just a heads-up to let any of you who are RPG product publishers or authors know that this would be a great time to send me products for review. In case you aren't aware, I've produced literally hundreds of reviews (maybe more than a thousand by now? I don't know for sure), and I guarantee that any RPG product mailed to me WILL get a review.

My reviews get posted here, on theRPGsite, and is linked to throughout all my social media.

Also, now that I have a Youtube channel, if you really want me to I'll do a video review instead of print.

So get in touch with me here, or on any of my social media, and tell me what you got (I only review print-edition products that are available for commercial sale, not your prototype that you want my help with or something like that; if you want that, you'll need to hire me as a consultant), and I'll tell you where to mail it!


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