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Friday 11 January 2019

Livestream: Is Capitalism Bad for D&D/RPGs?

In tonight's lengthy livestream, I covered a wide range of topics, in the overall subject of whether it is better for the D&D hobby to be centered around a capitalist system of people trying to make books for profit, or if it would be better to have a hobby where no one made any products intended for sale.

Along the way we talk about lengths of campaigns, about the problem of "Starbucks Settings" and how certain people in the hobby want to make every setting look exactly alike, about how trying to write a commercial product can make you a better GM, about the importance of actual play, and how the notion of "you have to run games with your friends" is bullshit. Plus much more!

As always, it's going to be spicy with controversial material! check it out:


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  1. An hour and forty-three minutes?!? Maybe a quick blog post overview for those of us with limited time...

    1. The description above is the most anyone is going to get. For the rest, you have to watch it.

      Note, you can probably skip the first 15 minutes, which is just prep.

  2. given capitalism drives everyone to do nothing but get profit at the expense of everything else, and how homogenized media is because no one wants to take risks, and how the osr community is making stuff with no expectation of profit, probably