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Saturday 12 January 2019

Will Venger Actually Write a real OSR Book Again?

It appears so.

Here's the story: several years ago, Venger Satanis (my Inappropriate Characters co-host) wrote one single OSR product. But it was a really great one: The Islands of Purple Haunted Putrescence.

Seriously, if you like gonzo weird fantasy hexcrawls, get that book. It's awesome! It's way way more amazing than Carcosa, which was really pretty dull and repetitive and felt randomly-rolled. The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence kick its ass.

But sadly, it was his only OSR product.  After that, he did a series of games and supplements for a very creative (if a bit too sex-obsessed) setting called Alpha Blue; which was interesting, but he ruined it by using a non-OSR dice-pool system. And made things worse by trying to claim it was OSR and sell it as if it was OSR.

Bad form, Venger.

But now, after years of me pushing for him to do it, Venger is finally coming back to the OSR with a planned new product (currently being kickstartered) called Cha'alt! It's another weird gonzo fantasy world, which will apparently include a kind of megadungeon. And it's going to be for OSR and 5e games.

Will it really? I know, in the past he's said stuff was OSR that was obviously not OSR by the definitions of 95% of people in the OSR, but this time Venger has assured me that he's really making it as a mostly system-neutral book that will be designed for OSR and 5e play.

OK, good enough. I'll have to take his word for it, for now.

Anyways, check out that kickstarter. Because I would really like to see a new Venger OSR book. A real one.


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NOTE: I am not in any way paid for this blog entry, or involved personally with his book nor profit from it in any way (other than good gaming material if it sees print).  Just wanted to make sure you didn't think this was a paid ad.


  1. Thanks for the blog post, hoss!

    You're forgetting about Liberation of the Demon Slayer and Revelry in Torth. Both of those early works predate by obsession with d6 dice pools.

  2. Cha'alt actually looks pretty rad. Hopefully you can rag Venger about it and his lack of OSR-ness on the next Inappropriate Characters.

    1. It's a topic that's already been touched on many times.

      BTW, next Inappropriate Characters is on the 20th, and will have a guest star!

  3. I'm sure he will. RPGpundit is like the annoying, self-important older brother I never had. ;)

    BTW, there's a hardcover option now for Cha'alt. And it will be rad!!!

  4. Alpha Blue wasn't my thing, but Gamma Turquoise is an amazing setting (I am probably going to use it with Mutant Crawl Classics). Cha'alt looks super cool (I changed my pledge to get the hardcover).

    Anyone who is on the fence about Venger's stuff, go get Revelry in Torth and the Purple Haunted Putrescence books.

    1. Thanks, hoss! Yeah, Alpha Blue is an acquired taste... which many never acquire. Gamma Turquoise bridges the gap nicely, though Cha'alt will feel more like DnD.