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Thursday 16 January 2014

Dark Albion Update: 1465

(here's the latest update to the timeline for my Dark Albion campaign setting.  The full information on the setting is available on this thread)

Setting Events: 1465

-William Booth, Archbishop of York, dies of natural causes. His successor is Robert Neville.

-In Arcadia, the Collegium of Cardinals try to limit Pontifex Paulus II's powers, he resists the move.

-Pasha Radu Bey (of the Turk Empire) engages in campaign of forced conversions to the god of the crescent moon in conquered Wallachia.

-Philip of Burgundy makes a great campaign against the Frogmen, comes within eyeshot of Paris; but is wounded. Even so he retook huge swaths of territory from the hated Frogs.

-A band of adventurers go to Scots Land, manage to capture the Mad King outside Berwick and bring him back to Albion; Queen Margaret and her remaining court flee Scots Land for Lorraine where they are welcomed by Prince Louis of Lorraine and the Princess Bona, Louis' daughter who had been promised in betrothal to King Edward of York only to be shunned in favor of Elizabeth Woodville.

-Henry Stafford (age 10), Duke of Buckingham, is married to Catherine Woodville (age 7).

-Queen Elizabeth is pregnant.

-Thomas Beckington, commander of clerical order in Albion, dies in battle after three decades of campaigns against the Frogmen in Calais; his successor is Robert Stillington

In Our Campaign:
One of our characters, "the Doctor" (no, not the timelord, but the most famous physician in Albion by this time in the campaign), has a son.
In this year the characters traveled across the Wall to Scots' Land, where they went on a quest to the Valley of the Jarls; long thought a cursed place by the Scots, it was a burial ground for ancient Northmen Kings, but recently a horde of undead had come streaming out of it attacking the Scots clans, and threatening to reach the Wall.  The Player Characters investigated the tombs and found there a cult of the dreaded demon Dispater.  After much adventure they managed to destroy the cult and end the threat.
The PCs were also the "band of adventurers" in our campaign who managed to capture the Mad King, who had been living in Berwick in exile with the remnants of the Lancastrian forces.  They also faced the Mad King's Magister, Lord de Grey, who had been an ongoing nemesis for the PCs, but he managed to evade them yet again!
Finally, it bears repeating that one of the PCs (who had rolled a 'high noble' social status) is a member of the Woodville family; at this time in the campaign he was enjoying his family's rise to power and influence after his sister's marriage to the (Yorkist) King.   At the same time, he was facing a lot of problems in his own sense of security; he had previously been a member of the Earl of Warwick's (the Kingmaker's) circles, but after the Woodvilles upset his grand schemes and ended up taking the King's favor away from him, Warwick swore revenge against all of their family.  The Kingmaker doesn't act in haste, however, he was playing the long game. This meant that the poor Sir Henry Woodville (the PC) had to spend a long time watching his back, never knowing when revenge might strike.


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