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Monday 13 January 2014

DCC Campaign Update

In last night's adventure, which was apparently so good I crashed early and thus am writing this blog entry a day late, the players had quite a bit of fun, consisting in:

-Failing to sell your pop-singing hypno-toad

-Having to avoid the hellhounds of a sorcerous ex-wife

-Engaging in the most hilarious bazaar haggling scene ever

-Being shot at by snipers after their halfling decided to stop for tea and backgammon rather than sounding the alarm.

-Dying due to being mistaken for the wrong halfling.

-Being kidnapped by two spaniards.

-Mistakenly thinking you're naked in front of a gang leader

-Being cursed by the Snake Witch

-Hearing increasingly perturbing rumours about the mad wizard Nicodemus

-Entering into a room with too many fish-men.

-Meeting a suspiciously friendly ghost.

-Facing a horde of skeleton-ballerinas.

-Going one Thermite Grenade too far.

-Finding the room with the most important ring in the world, and then burying it under a ton of rubble.

-Flattering Queen Boo-boo to avoid being eaten by her army of feral halfling punks.

-Winning the favor of the second most powerful person in the entire city; meaning that the most powerful person in the entire city and all his minions will now be trying to kill you.

-Trying to convert the world's most infamous alcoholic to the true faith in a desperate bid to avoid getting 23 stab wounds in the back.

That is all, for today.


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