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Tuesday 28 January 2014

Famous Pipe Smokers

Today's entry is on a guy who was mainly known as a pipe smoker, but also as a major plot hook for at least two or three different RPG genres:

Yes, I'm talking Admiral Richard Byrd.  Aside from being quite a decent pipe smoker, he also:
-Claimed to have been the first man to fly over the North Pole (pulp?)

-May have faked that claim (true crime? Hollow Earth? Two-fisted Tales?)

-Later tried to make the first non-stop trans-atlantic flight, but was beaten by Lindbergh ("In Harm's Way: Aces in Spades?")

-Flew over the South Pole, then also spent five months in an antarctic station alone, where he almost died.  (some kind of occult thriller?)

-Led the largest american expedition (4000 men) to the Antarctic just after the end of world war two, in a military project called Operation High Jump. Rumours abounded that this mission somehow involved looking for secret nazi survival bases in the south pole. (Two Fisted Tales?)

-The mission was very abruptly terminated, six months early, and the official reason has remained top secret to this day (Cthulhu?)


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