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Monday 20 January 2014

UnCracked Monday: D&D Next is Still Trying

Because I think things have been moving along now for so long that some people forget.  That is, that D&D Next, under the leadership of Mike Mearls, is still trying very hard to please everyone. Particularly the old-schoolers.  If this article turns out to be an accurate depiction of what starting a D&D Next campaign is like, then we're on solid ground.

Because the thing is, Mearls doesn't have to get Old Schoolers to leave OSR games for D&D 5e.  That's not what he needs to accomplish.  He doesn't have to make something that scratches their old-school itch better than AD&D 1e; that's just not going to happen.
All he does have to do is make a game that an old schooler can look at and say "yes, I could live with playing/running that".  Because then, by virtue of the sheer number of people who are saying the same, Next will take up a place in the list of games that may not be his favorite but that he is likely to often play.


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  1. Exactly! The game will attract its fans but also positioning itself as a solid second choice makes that much more likely the line will succeed for Wizards.

  2. I thought success was measured by how loudly the 4e fans complain? :)