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Tuesday 21 January 2014

DCC Campaign Update

DCC Update

In the last adventure, on Sunday, the PCs learned:

-that a drunk thief shooting a hand crossbow from under a table can only ALMOST kill an ogre.

-That being the "chosen one" of the Daemon Lord of Death is not a good deal.

-That blinded barons named "Von Kraut" tend to hold grudges.

-That there are hardly any real Clerics in Arkhome. 

-On a related note, that a Cleric's life is full of disappointments and misery.

-That a cursed singing toad CAN be worth something, if you can find the right buyers.

-That even cultists of Bobugbubilz can't agree on how to pronounce his name.

-That, on the other hand, cultists of Bobugbubilz are easier to negotiate with than death cultists or
vengeful barons.

-That there is a very very slow long-term plan afoot to sink the city of Arkhome into a swamp.

-That the gender of the "lord" of Dragons is a subject somewhat up to debate.

-That someone somewhere considered halfling cannibalism a worthy subject of a work of art.

-That halflings that consider erotic human lithographs worth keeping are considered perverts.

-That you can't fool the Goblin Guard all of the time, but you can fool them some of the time.

-That the desert holds an army of the dead waiting to be raised

-That "not today" really is the best thing to say to the Lord of Death.


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  1. Finally Philip managed to pronounce a German name properly, and is almost there with Borquist :P

  2. How did it all end? Did the sacrifice the cleric or double-crossed the assassins? What happened with the cup? Can't see the answers in my runes! ;)

    1. It all ended up quite well.

      Our Pirate/Wizard elf BS the assassins/death lord acolytes and Lord of Death to gain time until a massive dragon sent by Tyamath arrived to destroy (through acid melting breath), I guess that dragon had garlic tacos the day before.

      We did have to get rid of the acolytes, there were additional 1 rolled :)

      The cleric woke up and Bill kinda managed to don't have him freak out and leave, but when the dragon arrived, he just decided it was too much.

      After all that, we got back at the Silver Coin (the ones we can).

      Bill is trying to get his rifle fixed.

  3. Thanks for the added info, guys!

  4. Awesome! Let go get drunk at the Silver Coin until the Von Kraut guys come looking for us. He's still blind after all, right?

  5. As magically blind as it gets. We can either get rid of him, hi would not mind being blind and dead. I'd like to try to snipe him with my rifle, if I manage to get it fix.

    Or find a way to cure him (wizard).

    For the moment we are mostly just collecting a lot of pins from his dead henchmen.