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Thursday 23 January 2014

#rpgnetchat All-Stars Q&A

So as of tonight, 7:00 p.m. Central Standard Time, I, the RPGPundit, along with a few other heroes of the RPG world, will be gathered at the JSA Brownstone.. I mean, #rpgnet chat; where I will be engaged in answering questions from the audience and discussion with my fellow luminaries.
To attend, if you don't know where #rpgnet chat is, click this link:

The format will be an open discussion between the guests, with questions submitted to our moderator, Dan Davenport (himself famous for being the second-best RPG book reviewer in the hobby) for the guests from the audience.

As well as myself, the guest list will include figures like Angus Abranson (ex of cubicle 7, now I believe the Chronicle City guy), Ben Rogers (Christian RPG designer), Benoist Poire (moderator at theRPGsite and part-time stalker of Gygax's descendents), Brett Bernstein (who gave up making Politically Incorrect Games to make Precis Intermedia Games, whatever those are; in any case, publisher of Gnomemurdered and Lords of Olympus, which are both pretty politically incorrect), C. J. Carella (who wrote a shitload of amazing Palladium RPG products, and some stupid game about wicca), Cynthia Celeste Miller (who's a woman! And has also written some superhero rpgs), George Vasilakos (who wrote All Flesh Must Be Eaten), James Sutton (Fading Suns, if I recall correctly), Jason L. Blair (Little Fears), Kenneth Hite (who needs no introduction, he's mostly famous for being Kenneth Hite anyways), Margaret Weis (Dragonlance, plus a bunch of other stuff that shockingly made Dragonlance seem less boring by comparison), Shane Ivey (Delta Green maestro), Timothy Joe Kirt (Hearts & Souls, High Valor), Rafael Chandler (author of the Teratic Tome) and Wade Rockett (who sounds like he should be in porn; that name is wasted on the RPG industry).

Plus there's like over a dozen guys I've never heard of, like Eloy Lasanta, who's published some things that have never ever crossed my path and sounds like he was named after the wussy guys from the future in the Time Machine; Ian Stewart, who's name is so common a plain google search reveals no useful information; and "T Glenn Bane", who I can only assume is the love child of Glenn Beck and the demon Bane.

Anyways, in short, a ton of RPG celebrities who still somehow all end up individually and collectively being slightly less worth talking to than me.  But its ok, because I'm there too!

Tune in for the fun, it starts in just a few hours.


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  1. Thanks for coming, Pundit! You helped make it a great success. I learned a lot from the experience and look forward to running one of these things again.

  2. Thanks! For the record for everyone, you can find the transcript of the event here: