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Wednesday 29 January 2014

On "Fake Nerd Girls"

You may or may not have heard that some controversy has been making the rounds lately, of certain people claiming that there’s a subset of girls in the nerd scene that are “fake”, that are only in it… what, because nerd stuff is cool now? To find themselves a man?  I don’t know.

Look, this is the most asinine thing I’ve heard nerds say in a long time.

Its very simple, if you’re at a geek event (be it a gaming night, a con, the local gaming store, or whatever), and you see a girl there and you don’t know if she’s a “fake nerd girl” or not, ask yourself these two simple questions, genius:

1. Is she being paid to be there?

2. Has she been clearly reluctantly dragged there by a soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend even though she clearly has no interest in the proceedings?

If its not either of the above, then she’s a real nerd girl, you morons.

No really, I understand, you spent your entire life thinking “I can’t get a girlfriend because I’m a nerd and girls don’t think we’re cool”, and now nerd-everything IS cool, and yet you still don’t have a girlfriend.  Well guess what, its not because the girls are just “pretending” to like superheroes or RPGs or Star Wars or LoTR or board games, or any of the other stuff you like, its not that “if only she was a REAL nerd girl then she’d like me”; its just YOU. 

There were plenty of us who were able to have and keep girlfriends back when nerd stuff wasn’t cool, and likewise, those of you who are odious enough not to be capable or deserving of either Attempted Reproduction or Human Companionship are not going to be any less odious to a girl because she thinks Legolas is dreamy.  Its legolas she likes, not you.

The good book said it best, I think, when it sayeth (AL 2:57) “He that is righteous shall be righteous still; he that is filthy shall be filthy still”.

In this case, filthy is pretty much literal.

So get over it, dudes, the Nerd Girls are real, its your excuse for why you didn’t have a girlfriend that turned out to be fake.


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(originally posted December 8, 2013, on the old blog)


  1. Also, who cares? After all this time, there's women around and that's a bad thing? Says who?

  2. Was this really needed to be posted? This should had been in the common sense department.

  3. Apparently yes, its needed; because some people had been making lengthy diatribes about how "gamer girls" are all "Fakes".