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Monday 27 January 2014

UnCracked Monday

Originally, I'd planned on posting something about the 40th anniversary of D&D.  Then I figured to post about the picture of Peter Capaldi's doctor in costume.

But you know, I think that this is far more interesting: did you know that every time you had to fill out one of those stupid 'recaptcha' things to prove you're human, you were actually handing over a single-word of manpower transcribing documents for Google?

In any case, the link above casually mentions that while talking about a popular new game app that allows you to learn a new language; the app is free but uses the same opportunistic principle Google's recaptcha does by actually engaging the player/learner in doing translation work.  Fascinating stuff, the way people are making money in the future... million dollar companies are selling you things not for money but for work-time barter (sometimes without you even realizing it).


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  1. Fascinating, the idea of work time barter is not new, but with this new approach you don't even realize you are working.

    Tnx man

  2. Yeah, I thought it was amazing. Genius, really.