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Sunday 19 January 2014

Golden Age Campaign Update

Yesterday's adventure featured no new heroes per se, though the OSS ended up with a new unit of agents dedicated to trying to deal with causes so hopeless that even the Suicide Squad doesn't think them worth risking:

They're called The Losers.

Meanwhile, the PCs met up with the Spy Smasher who revealed that after the final evacuation of the Afrikakorps from Tunisia, a single U-boat brought a valued Nazi agent from that front to New York City for reasons unknown.  While the Mystery Men started to investigate, the Spy Smasher got together a group of his own allies to help.

At the same time, a new hero came on the scene, played by a new Player.  This new mystery man is called "The Inquisitor", the latest in a long line of witch-hunters dedicated to the service of the Roman Catholic Church.  And at the present time he was investigating rumours of black magic being used against Catholic immigrant communities in NYC.

It turned out the two cases were interconnected, as the "Nazi agent" the PCs were looking for was not a German as the Mystery Men initially assumed, but a Moroccan named Mohammed Abdhullah Bey, a disgraced Sufi Sheikh and black magician who had been part of the Free Arabian Legion, a large volunteer force of Middle-Eastern and North African Muslims who fought for Nazi Germany.  It was his intent to use his sorcery to plunge NYC into chaos during the Harlem Riot.   He was thwarted by the Mystery Men (along with Prometheus and The Inquisitor), and the Spy Smasher (along with his allies, the Green Lama, Bulletman and Bulletgirl).  These heroes also did what they could to try to quell the violence of the riot, but came to the sobering conclusion that there are certain problems that masked men with a strong right hook (or even astounding super-abilities) just aren't able to fix with a trite speech or good intentions.  After the conclusion of the mission, the Spy Smasher's group decided to stay together as  semi-formal team called The Crusaders.


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