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Wednesday 14 September 2016

Coming Soon: Two-Fisted Tales 2nd Edition!

Two-Fisted Tales is just about my favorite Pulp RPG, and aside from Lords of Olympus probably my very favorite RPG published by Precis Intermedia.  I ran a lengthy campaign of 2FT 1st edition, and it was awesome.

And here, in an RPGPundit scoop, I'm leaking the cover to the brand new, upcoming, SECOND EDITION of Two-Fisted Tales! Check it out:

The new edition, I've been assured, will be considerably expanded. And that's saying a lot, because the first edition already had a ton of material, and was playable at a variety of power levels.  Pulp, as you know, is a genre that encompasses a significant variety of material, ranging from ultra-gritty "film noir" stuff like the Maltese Falcon, to Indiana Jones stuff, to low-grade supers action like The Shadow or the Green Hornet, all the way to pulpier supers-level stuff like the early Fantastic Four.

Word from Precis boss Brett Bernstein is that while there's not a fixed date for the release yet, it will be happening fairly soon, as the book is very close to completion.

Meanwhile, if you don't want to wait for the second edition, the 1st edition of 2FT is on sale at a reduced price, right now!


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