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Sunday 4 September 2016

That a Known Sadist is Made a Saint Proves the Corruption of Catholicism

The Catholic church has just given one more sign that it is as corrupt as it had ever been: it made Mother Teresa a saint.

In case you're still fooled by the hype this woman got that was largely a created propaganda campaign, mother Teresa fits no normal person's definition of a saint. She was much closer to a monster. She let people die, all the time, in her filthy "houses of the dying". People who could have gotten help, who could have lived, were allowed to starve to death or die of illness because Mother Teresa thought that poverty and dying were "beautiful".

Oh, but not for her of course; when she got sick, she wouldn't lie in one of her own mangy hospice beds and die, she'd go get the type of medical care only billionaires can usually afford.

She campaigned against abortion and birth control; you may or may not be opposed to those things, but when she said "don't abort your babies, bring them to me instead", she really meant "bring them to me so they can die at my hands". She was a fanatic who was adamant that terminating a fetus was a horrific sin, but would let babies starve to death rather than let them be adopted by Protestants.

Is that saintly behavior? Apparently to the Catholic Church, it is. They're quite willing to whitewash all the monstrosities this abominable woman committed, just because idiots around the world fell for the image of her as a 'holy person'. But it only shows the extent of their rot. Truth doesn't matter to the church, whether about this horrible, horrible woman, or about the countless sex-abuse scandals that was part of the motivation for them to rush someone like Teresa to sainthood in a desperate bid for PR rescue.  Not only has the Catholic Church not reformed its ways following all the sex abuse scandals and the election of the allegedly-hip Pope Francis (who is also a living PR con job), it in fact keeps right on choosing to intentionally lie to and deceive people.

Don't believe me about Mother Teresa? See what Christopher Hitchens had to say about it!


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  1. Listen carefully to 14:21 - 14:54.
    This is the way Sr. Theresa has "chosen". For good and for ill.

    Another option to really understand would be:

    Livermore, Colette (2008): Hope endures. An Australian sister's story of leaving Mother Teresa, losing faith, and her on-going search for meaning. North Sydney, N.S.W.

    The way the Missionaries of Charity are serving the poor and sick is IMO not appropiate. I don't like the rules to which one has to obey inside the order either. Anyway, their service (even though it doesn't provide much more than shelter) shouldn't be dismissed so easily. Especially not in a way that reminds me of a self-rightous, so-called enlightend calvinist preacher of ages ago.

  2. I don't always agree with Hitch, but on this one we are 100% in agreement.

  3. Oh, wait till they batificate Aloysius Stepinac, who tough not personally involved in WWII genocide was a head of the national church which very much did participate in it, with some 1400 priests who bloodied their hands in person, yet he never called, let alone disciplined them for it. Mother Theresa indeed looks like a saint compared to fra Mirolav Filipovic or fra Zvonimir Brekalo.