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Wednesday 7 September 2016

Pictures From Uruguay!

Time for some more local pictures.

I've been telling y'all about how the Cordon, the neighborhood I live in, has become a kind of hipster-haven of Montevideo.  In years past, it was a very quiet central neighborhood of the city, where everyone's grandma lived. But starting about two years ago it's just exploded into a place full of new hipster madness.A couple of years before that, it had attracted a number of stores for design and office furniture.  And long ago, I mean like 70 years ago, it was a fancy suburb (which seems crazy because now it's right in the heart of the city, but that shows how much Montevideo has expanded over the years).

Here's a taller apartment building in the Cordon. These are less common here than in some of the neighborhoods around it, but just recently a few new ones are in the process of construction as more people want to move down here.

Here's a quirky street bench, courtesy of an office supply store that's just off-camera.

Not every new place opening up in hipster-Cordon is good. This is a homeopathy store, for example, selling snake-oil to imbeciles. It's called "elfos", because homeopathy in Uruguay is tied up with new-age stuff in general, they probably sell crystals for 'healing' in there too, and organic snacks or some other shit.

But, but, check out the red building beside and above it! Isn't it beautiful? I especially like the roof area with the covered place to have a parilla (BBQ) on the rooftop. The Abbey too has a rooftop parilla, though mine isn't covered.

Finally, here's a recently opened bar a block from my house. I swear there's a new bar, restaurant, or cafe opening up in the Cordon once a week!  This one is apparently a very popular nightclub with the young people, and it's called "ThePutaMadre Bar". "Puta madre" is hard to translate, but roughly speaking it's the "Your Mother is a Whore/slut Bar".  But "putamadre" is also something you say down here the way we'd say "god-dammit". It's an extremely versatile word.

Anyways, stay tuned for more, later!


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  1. We say "puta madre!" here in Brazil too, but our version is "puta que pariu!" ("Whore that gave birth" for our english readers!) lol

    1. Yeah, they use that here too: "la puta que te pario".

    2. We also use it when something breaks or goes wrong.

  2. AFAIK, in Spain "eso es de puta madre !" would translate as "this is fucking awesome !".