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Saturday 10 September 2016

The Deplorables

What a thing to wake up to!

So, Hillary Clinton has just said that at least a quarter of the American people are a "Basket of Deplorables".  Particularly Trump and his most stalwart supporters.

That's led to this:

Jesus Christ. Someone totally needs to make that movie!!

My first thought when I saw that meme was "They forgot Harambe!"
But then I realized: "No. They all got together to avenge his death."

This is the first election in ages, maybe in my lifetime, where the Right has been better at political humor than the Left. The left are so old and trapped in their ever-increasing list of Things You Can't Make Fun Of, and so joyless in their miserable worldview that... well, that they're going to lose.

And "The Deplorables" was Hillary Clinton's "47%" moment. Like Romney, she has lost the plot when she suggested that the masses are revolting. Unlike Romney, this crazy bitch actually intended for her contempt to be publicly shown. And even crazier: she said it literally the week before she claimed that the last thing we need is "name-calling" from a presidential candidate.

So, I know it's been coming for many months now, but as of this blog entry I'm making it official: the RPGPundit is endorsing Donald Trump for President.

Before you think "well that's no big deal, you're right-wing", don't fall into that trap. I'm a libertarian. I believe in free speech and personal freedoms first and foremost. And this year is the FIRST TIME ever, in my entire adult life, that I have supported a Republican candidate for president.
I backed (to my shame) Dukakis in 88, Clinton in 92 and 96, (very lukewarmly) Gore in 00, Kerry in 04, Obama in 08 and (very reluctantly) in '12.

The fact is, I was not some stalwart right-winger. Nor have I changed. It is the LEFT that has changed on me. They moved. They gave up that idea of personal freedom, of defending speech (even hateful speech). The democratic left was for much of my life the party that defended Enlightenment values of our civilization. In the last few years, they've turned into the party that despises those same Enlightenment values and despises our civilization.

The Right has changed too. There's still Theocons in the GOP, but they're a minority now, and have LOST the influence. Their guys failed. Most of the Right doesn't give a shit who you want to fuck. Everyone cheered when Donald Trump said he'd defend LGBT rights at the convention.

And if you think that Trump is the racist candidate, think again: the Trump GOP cheer whenever they hear that Latinos or Black voters are increasing support for Trump, something that's been happening with increasing frequency lately. But don't just take my word on all this:

Here's what Trump supporters think about LGBT rights:

(note the applause)

Here's how far it's moved:

Here's what Trump supporters think about black people voting for Trump:

And he makes a very good point: Trump has killed no black babies that I know of. Hillary was responsible for the death of thousands of black babies, in Haiti, when she allowed Haitian-Aid money to be redirected to her Big-Business pals in exchange for bribes.

Here's what they think of Latinos voting for Trump:

So, I hope you see what I did there.

So here's to The Deplorables: The black people, gay people, Latinos, Asians, freethinkers, Arabs, Christians, Jews Atheists or Wizards, women, transgenders, coal miners, truckers, farmers, internet trolls, gamers, geeks, sex workers, hicks & rednecks, anarchists, twinks, conspiracy-theorists, satirists, meme-designers, fly-fishers, bull-dykes, Methodists and all the other associated American scum that Hillary Clinton has such contempt for.
The ones who are going to give the election to Donald Trump.
The ones who are going to cheer when she finally goes to prison for everything she's done.

I'm with them.


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PS: I think that my DCC campaign group have just finally found a name for their party!


  1. The spin trying to explain her latest will be interesting.

  2. Hillary also got thousands of black Africans killed in Libya by overthrowing Gadaffi.

    I've had a similar journey to you - I remember getting moved off the steps of the US Supreme Court for holding up a Gore/Lieberman campaign sign in December 2000. Trump is the first Republican candidate I can really support.

  3. Kinda find it ironic that Farage slammed Obama for coming to Britain to talk about British politics during, then went to America and did the exact same thing...

    I guess when its for the right politics, its okay I guess...

    1. Did you see his speech? It was magnificent. Also, Farage is not a head of state. He's not even an active politician anymore.

  4. You make some good points, Pundit, although I would never endorse Trump and find his brand of politics to be...well, politics for bullies and the wilfully ignorant. What you say ties in with something I've been thinking for a while about progressives and SJWs. They've undermined 'enlightenment values' like equality and free speech, complaining (with some truth) that those values were built to serve the interests of rich white men. But once you knock them down, what do you put in their place? They've abandoned universalism for identity politics and a new hierarchy of victimhood. And in so doing, they've ceded the mantle of 'defenders of enlightenment values' to some truly unpleasant people (like Milo et al).

    1. I don't find Milo very unpleasant. I find him vicious toward all the people who desperately deserve viciousness. The kid reminds me a bit of someone... oh, yeah, me!

    2. Well yes, there are similarities, as you've pointed out. You have at times said things I really don't like, but I like some of your other output (or at least find it usefully thought-provoking), which is why I'm posting here. Although Milo has said the occasional thing I agree with, the fact that he appears to endorse Twitter harassment as a form of legitimate political discourse makes him, for me, beyond the pale.

    3. He endorses insult as legitimate discourse. Insult is not harassment.

  5. Harassment (by UK legal definition anyway) is behaviour that causes alarm or distress. Insult isn't necessarily harassment, but certainly could be, particularly if one encourages large numbers of people to insult a specific target. I read Milo's article where he advocated that 'cultural libertarians' heap ridicule on SJWs. He may be thinking of ridicule a la Gilray or Swift, but the reality is more likely to be outbursts of vitriol, crude memes and the word 'cuck'.

    1. "Harassment (by UK legal definition anyway) is behaviour that causes alarm or distress"

      Do you agree with this law? I think at very least there should be a reasonableness test. Really I don't think it's good law.

    2. "vitriol, crude memes and the word 'cuck'"

      Do you think this should be prosecutable?

  6. Hmm. I don't think those things of themselves should be prosecutable. I'm pretty sure there is a reasonableness test (although in the UK there have been some cases where people have been jailed over 'grossly offensive communications', without it being classed as harassment). I probably confused the issue by raising legal definitions- but legal or not, I would consider sending insulting tweets etc to be a bad thing to do, or to encourage others to do. And yes, I'm aware the left is far from innocent of this kind of behaviour.

  7. Be happy to live in Uruguay. I don't think it matters who wins, we ARE SCREWED. Trump has no experience in government at all, and is basically just riding off his reality tv career and telling unhappy people in this country what they want to hear. His agenda will be whatever the highest bidder comes up with or already came up with before starting this whole thing. He's an OK businessman at best, not really being successful at anything other than branding himself. I enjoy your articles Pundit but am surprised another intelligent person doesn't see through the obvious Trump bullshit. Also the President should be a role model. If I caught my kids acting publicly the way Trump has, I would have to punish them for being rude little shits.
    On the other hand, Hillary will enable the SJW thought police to destroy free speech. The administration sets the tone for the country and policy. "Social Justice" has flourished under Obama. It will continue to do so under Hillary. Minorities and protected groups won't ever have their feelings hurt or bad behaviors pointed out again, but really won't be any better off either. Back door gun control will be the name of the game under Hillary with the push for marijuana legalization used to effectively disarm thousands of citizens that did know any better. Also, Hillary was pushing for the No Fly List to be used for gun control as well.

    I could go on and on about both of them but really we're just fucked as a country. Whoever wins the other side is going to dig in their heels and be determined not to budge. Nothing important is going to get done. That might go back to our country having forgot the meaning of the word "compromise".
    I'm getting depressed writing all this now...

    1. I'd say you should punish your kids if they act like Hillary, rather. But of course, I doubt your kids would let Haitian kids die in exchange for bribe money while pretending to be a champion of social justice.

      Don't worry. Trump will get the Best People. You know how awful it will be if Hillary wins, so you must vote Trump, and trust that he'll be able to get people in to handle the things he doesn't know himself. Note that since he owes the GOP NOTHING at this point, as he had to fight them tooth & nail for the nomination, that means it will be the first time in ages that a president won't "have to" put certain people in certain jobs because the party demands it. That alone will already be a revolutionary change.

  8. The masses don't know what deplorable means, so I think we're safe.

  9. "When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people."

    That's who you just endorsed, Pundit.
    Spectacular fucking call, man.

    1. There is a reason that Trump's support among latinos is somewhere around 20-30%, in spite of constant media attempts to portray him as racist and anti-mexican. It's because Latinos know exactly what kind of people largely immigrate illegally. They are not the best people. And with them comes the Narco gangs, drug trade and violence. And the real clincher is that the vast majority of those drugs and that violence and those gangs do NOT end up in white communities. They end up in the Latino communities of the US.

      It's a little known secret that most latinos who LEGALLY immigrated to the US are tremendously resentful of the illegals, who cheat to get in, and who ruin the Latino community (and it's reputation) when they arrive.

      Trump has repeatedly made it clear that he wants MORE Latinos to come to the US, but as legal immigrants, following the rules. Watch the last video of the entry above, dude.