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Sunday 11 September 2016

Wild West Campaign Update: The Bat

In this week's adventure, the PCs met Bat Masterson for the first time!

He made quite an impression.  They first ran into him when he got in a fight with the corpulent and corrupt Marshal Deger, restraining the marshal with his cane to help his buddy Bobby Gill make a run for it. Gill had been drunk and bad-mouthing Deger on the streets of Dodge, and when Deger waddled over to arrest him, Bat decided to intervene.  This earned him a pistol-whipping from Wyatt Earp, an arrest, and a $25 fine.  Bobby Gill only got a $5 fine.
Masterson decided right away he would team up with the political enemies of Deger, to take him out and make his own place in Dodge.

The PCs also met Cooter's Aunt Henry, who was in town to preach the bible, to sell moonshine, and to try to find Cooter a wife and herself a husband. Many hijinks ensued.

Finally, a group of gunmen came to Dodge, each charged with trying to kill Sheriff Bassett. They had been offered a reward on Bassett's head by a mysterious patron, but only if they killed him one-on-one in a fair gunfight.  Bassett himself took down two of the shootists, Miller and Smith killed the Mexican named Sanchez, and one of the others was killed by his own partner. Finally, the last of the gunmen turned out to be Bassett's own friend, the retired sherriff of Hays City, who had been pretending to be in town to help Bassett out.  Bassett very reluctantly killed him too.

They never did find out who was responsible for hiring the men, but they all had in common that they had participated in a massacre during a range war. Bassett was left wondering if they had been sent to kill him, or if the person who hired them really wanted Bassett to kill them (or for them to kill each other to eliminate competition for the prize).


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