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Friday 23 September 2016

What Trump Has REALLY Done to the Republican Party

Today I had a brief exchange on Twitter, where some poor innocent (you can't blame her, she's only a journalist) commented to Reason editor Robby Soave's comment about how when he was 3 his mom dressed him up as the wicked witch of the west. She claimed that Robby's "right wing fans will become uneasy". I couldn't help myself, I responded to her (the link is above) asking her if she's familiar with a guy named Milo. Her response, some time later?
"Dear Jesus."

The Right isn't what it used to be.

And yet leftists keep wanting to imagine that the Right keeps right on being the shitty, hideous, prudish Theocons that Rick Santorum ran for.  I have a hint for you: Santorum didn't get to be nominee. Nor did Ted Cruz, for that matter. Or Rick Perry, who gets to be a reality show loser instead of a Presidential candidate.  Why? Because the Theocratic Right is slowly but surely going extinct on the Right, and they have already lost all relevance and real power.  

Donald "Two Corinthians" Trump was not the choice of the true Theocrats.

The Left also imagines that the Right are full of hideous racists, possibly motivated by evil frog-cartoons.
What they don't want to recognize, and refuse to report, is how Trump has really brought diversity back to the American Right.

Do you want to know how Trump is REALLY changing the face of the GOP and the American Right?

The latest USC (University of Southern California) poll shows that Donald Trump has almost 20% support among African Americans. Just so you get what that means, Mitt Romney got 6%, and McCain got 4%. In fact, you have to go back to 1960, when half the Democrats were still KKK Grand Wizards, to get a higher level of African American support for a GOP Presidential candidate. The highest since 1960 was Gerald Ford, with 15%. The highest in the last 20 years was Bob Dole, with 12%. 

There haven't been this many black people wanting to vote for the GOP candidate in fifty-six years

So while the media and leftists are trying to pretend that Trump will turn the right into an all-white neo-nazi party or something, what Trump has actually done is bring in LITERALLY MILLIONS of black voters to change from voting Democrat (or not voting at all) to voting Republican. 

Oh yeah, he also has 20-30% of the Latino voters, depending on which poll you believe.

I remember back in the early part of this year when analysts were saying, and I'll admit it sounded really reasonable to me at the time, that if Trump became the GOP candidate he could have a very hard time with the changing demographics of the country. But it was pointed out (I think in the Atlantic, but I may be recalling wrong) that Trump had so much support among White Males that if he could somehow get just 5-10% support among blacks and Latinos, it would be enough for him to win various swing states and have a real shot at the presidency. Then they all laughed because of course it seemed IMPOSSIBLE that would happen, right? I mean, Latinos 'hate' Trump, right? And black people voting GOP?? Especially for a 'racist' like Trump?? No way!

And now here we are. THAT is the real change Trump has brought about. Almost twice as many black people are voting for Trump than have voted for any GOP candidate in most of our lifetimes.

Here's what some of Trump's Deplorables look like: 

While the Left remains in their little bubble, protected by the mainstream Establishment Media and distracted by their fantasies about Hillary being off a respirator for more than 30 minutes a day, the Right has become the party of Gay Drag Queens, anarchists, voting Latinos, and one in every five African Americans. 

Oh, and Hillary? Having Obama very half-heartedly tell black voters that if they don't vote for you, it will "take it as a personal insult"?  That's only going to make it worse. 


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  1. Hillary is the walking dead and currently the Haitians loathe her and there is a joke in there and I just can't really find it.

  2. Funny how Republicans were always seen as the party of the rich white men (despite more millionaires being Democrats). Now those same rich white guys are #NeverTrump leaving the oligarchs almost entirely on the left. Trump really has shaken things up. That is for sure. Media will need some new stereotypes.

  3. I can see your point, but think you've focused on the wrong clues. Trump is a disaster and national embarrassment. Both political parties have problems, but voting Republican is not the answer. Thank Cthulhu he hasn't a prayer of winning.

    1. I think you might want to re-examine the latest polling there, buddy. And I'd say it very much is the answer!

  4. Your article doesn't match what Trump's canfidacy looks like here.

  5. Joe: questions:
    1. Where is "here" for you?

    2. Is your statement based on what you've been watching on the mainstream media, or heard on social media, or just stuff you THINK the Trump campaign is 'probably' about?
    Or is it based on actual interactions with the Trump campaign? Have you been to any Trump event?

  6. Google just ate my huge response.

    I am in Illinois, I went to the Trump event in Bloomington. It was nothing like this.

    1. Wow. ONE place. So the Republicans MUST be lying. They're all still rich white guys.


      The biggest lie is how the Dems rewrote history. Also how their so-called "programs" benefited nobody except the gov't. Look at Detroit. Run by Dems for 50+ years and it's a stink hole. Jobs left because they "Redistributed" wealth by taxing the hell out of companies, so they mostly left. Now you have no tax base in Detroit. And it looks like Baghdad after it was bombed. I've seen it personally. Similar situations are in other US cities run by Dems as well. Unfortunately, minorities have bought into their narrative of "free stuff" (welfare, food stamps, Medicare) and are quite frankly "kept on the plantation", which is terrible.

    2. Um, at what point did I say anything to encourage that screed? Did you have a different experience at a different event?

  7. For once I'll agree wholeheartedly. Sure many would prefer to see a healthy, empathetic, cultured, honest and level-headed libertarian win the race. But right now, to quote Scott Adams, the choice is between an offensive, rich, divisive bigot with a bad haircut and Donald Trump.

  8. If the Theocratic Right is dying out, how did they land Trump's VP slot and control of Congress, as well as several state governments?

    1. The theocons don't have "control of congress". If they did, abortion and homosexuality would be illegal. They've NEVER really had a controlling stake in the Republican party, though for a long time they were much stronger power-brokers than they are now.
      Nor was Mike Pence chosen as VP as a 'theocon'. He was actually chosen as a 'normcore' candidate within the GOP. He's not enough of anything (neocon, theocon, libertarian or radical) to offend anyone (in the GOP, of course in the left people are perpetually offended), and he's average enough to be acceptable to all those groups. He is a christian conservative, I'm not denying that, I'm just saying that this was not the primary reason for his selection.

      The one place where you have a point is in State (and local/lesser) government, including stuff like schoolboards, in certain particular regions (most notably the South). That's the one place where the Theocons still have a lot of power. Even there, it's still gradually waning, though a lot faster in some spots than others.

    2. Pfft. Republicans know that they cannot overturn Obergefell or Roe vs Wade in one fell swoop; that's why they're doing the "death-by-thousand-cuts" approach at the state level. Fortunately, the judicial branch of government is functioning properly.

      Are you joking about Pence? He's a total theocon - he thinks condoms are too "liberal" and "modern", causes an HIV outbreak because he prefers prayer to needle exchanges, supports all the requisite anti-trans initiatives that are in vogue with MOST Republicans these days, etc. These are directly out of the current post-Obergefell, Planned-Parenthood-as-parts-shop playbook.
      If you're saying that Pence was picked because he's acceptable to the Party (implying that Trump is not acceptable) and that evidence seems to indicate that Trump isn't interested in governing, we simply have George W. Bush, part deux, except that the White House is now the set up a taxpayer-funded reality TV show.

      The main places where Theocon power is waning is in Southern urban areas like Dallas, Atlanta, Research Triangle in NC, etc. That's due largely to graduates of those liberal propaganda centers and gentrification. Not because of mass conversions of Theocons to libertarians.

      The Republicans can rely on Theocons as a block for the forseeable future because Theocons tend to be perpetually offended as well as having more kids than the general populace.

    3. You're wrong. The theocons were a generational event, starting in the late 1970s and through the 1990s. They were pushed by two main issues: abortion and homosexuality, as well as a slew of lesser issues (drugs, rock music, satanism, D&D, creationism, etc).

      But all serious studies of the evangelical movement has shown that the new generation of evangelicals have a wildly different set of priorities than their parents, and have lost faith in the "political Christianity" in the style of Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell.

      It is explicitly not that they're abandoning Christianity (for the most part most of them are not), but that their interests in Christianity are wildly different, and their approach is different. Younger evangelicals listed "poverty" as being a bigger issue to them than homosexuality or abortion. And younger evangelicals do not believe in government action as a means to bring about religiously-motivated change. They're much more inclined to the "drop out and create a parallel culture" perspective.

      Christian conservatism in GOP politics is very literally "dying out", the older the old Religious-right get the less important they will be.

      Also, your reading comprehension leaves a lot to be desired, or did you not see where I said I was in no way denying he's a Christian Conservative, but only that this was why he was chosen. It was not.