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Thursday 1 September 2016

Totalitarianism and the Demand To Agree

We've seen, in the RPG hobby, how the Regressive Left Outrage Brigade is not happy enough with making their own games, or choosing for themselves not to play certain games.  No, they seem to feel a fundamental need, an aching thirst, to take away your right to decide for yourself what games you play.   It's not enough for them that they don't play games written by Venger Satanis, or the RPGPundit for that matter, they NEED to make sure NO ONE ELSE gets to either.

And apologists for the Swine, don't bother wasting your breath about how "we're not trying to censor", because it's so fucking obvious you ARE. You're just not competent or powerful enough to make your censorship complete; so we're supposed to say "oh it's ok then" because you can only ban games you don't like and game designers you don't like from only certain places!  But we all know that if you DID have the power to completely erase someone like me from the gaming world, you absolutely would. So what you are doing IS censorship when you try to ban products from OBS, there's no question it is, the only thing that is a matter of degree is how incompetent you are at accomplishing your dreams.

But WHY do the Regressive Leftists need to take away your freedom, your choice? Why is this essential to them?  More importantly, why do they need to keep attacking you, even if you don't play or buy a certain game but simply express a defense of its right to exist?  This last bit is key: it is the quality that defines totalitarianism.

The modern Regressive Left is not just "authoritarian", it's Totalitarian.  An authoritarian wants you to obey or shut up. But a totalitarian, like the modern Regressive Left, cannot be satisfied with that silence, or even with what they suspect to be a reluctant obedience. Because their ideology is an absolute and demands total social involvement and control at every possible level of society, they cannot merely demand you only just obey. They have to demand you agree with their assertions (however absurd or fantastical) or they must utterly annihilate you from the public sphere to preserve the 'consensus narrative'.

The censorship, witch hunts, pogroms, purity campaigns, persecutions of people for the slightest of "microaggressions", attempted criminalization of disagreement, etc. only makes sense when you get that, that the modern Regressive Left is utterly totalitarian and demands not just obedience, but Agreement.

So, dear readers, I hope you get why this means no compromise whatsoever is possible with these assholes.Because they have no capacity for compromise!  A Totalitarian requires TOTAL submission: they can't compromise any of their vision, at most they can very temporarily pretend to get you to give up some right you have, only to immediately demand you give up more shortly afterward.

There will be no end point. They will not stop until they control every aspect of your hobby, just like they will not stop in the larger culture until they control every aspect of your lives.  This is why they must be fought
Refusing them everything, even respect, even dignity, is the only appropriate response. You do not respect or dignify totalitarians; you portray them as the brutal monsters they are, and the laughable hideous absurdities they are. You render them incapable of spinning their poisons, and you don't quit kicking until they crawled away back under a rock to die. 

They have already declared Total War on you. Responding with a total and uncompromising defense of your freedom and values is the only way to save yourself.


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  1. I'd love to get a link to what specifically set you off this time. I hate censorship and love your rants against it here.

    1. It was really a slightly delayed response to the recent OBS debauchles, the banning of Desborough's game and the attempted banning of Venger's.

    2. It's in response to this post I'm pretty sure, T-Pain.

      It really is a wonderful thread. Highlights include, Punit being "doxxed", calling for his mommy Venger to save him and of course his general paranoid fantasies. Really classic stuff here.

    3. And here come the apologists for censorship.

    4. I'm surprised you haven't called me a totalitarian cunt yet. Still early?

    5. Stop the nerd rage Jason. Why not have an actual discussion if you disagree with Pundit? He can seem like a dick but he's honest and is worried about censorship. I can sympathize. Why call me tpain? I don't get it. Hard to take you seriously.

  2. Have to say, my thoughts were the same: "Where did this come from?"


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