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Thursday 19 July 2018

All RPGPundit Presents Issues now 25% off! (and Lords of Olympus Too!)

The RPGPundit Presents series of small supplements are already very good bargains to begin with. You're basically sending me a tip for my time. Issues of RPGPundit Presents range from 99 cents to $3.99.

But if any of you have honestly been saving up your pennies until now to be able to buy these products, this is the time.  Until the end of this month, all the RPGPundit Presents series is 25% off!

In fact, all of Precis Intermedia's products are 25% off, if I'm not mistaken, by going to their online store and putting in this coupon code:  J86MG8Y9GV

In fact, this means you can also pick up Lords of Olympus at the Precis store for 25% off, which is a great bargain for a beautiful book! 

While you're at it, if you're a Spanish-speaking gamer, be sure to check out the latest Spanish issue of the series, with RPGPundit Presents #38: 20 Siniestros Encuentros Supernaturales en Tierras Salvages!


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