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Wednesday 18 July 2018

Video: CriticalRole Reaction Proves There's No "D&D Community"

In today's video: When a PC died in the popular Youtube #DnD based Reality-Show Soap Opera "Critical Role", there was an outcry of complaints from their fans (the "critters").
This proves that a big part of the audience are not D&D players, do not actually care about the game, just want to see a story, and have NOTHING IN COMMON with actual D&D gamers. Ergo, there's no such thing as a "Community" with them.

Because in D&D, character death is a huge part of making your character's life worthwhile.

Guest starring: Bill the Elf!


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  1. Welcome the the real d&d life

  2. I kinda doubt people actually playing games would be all that interested in watching videos of other people playing games. Waste of time. Then again, all of YouTube is that.

  3. Cannot see myself watching actual play for more than lets say an hour or so, after that I just want to play or write myself. I think all the youtube ranters about this are just people going OMG MATT MERCER DOES SUCH COOL VOICES I WISH I COULD BE MATT MERCER INSTEAD OF THIS SHY YET PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE CUNT.

    Sort of like that at least.
    No, no, exactly like that.

    1. That's funny, because I can't watch actual play for more than ten minutes or so before I go "that's not real D&D, it's just retarded".
      I don't need it to 'want to play or write myself' because I'm always playing and writing, because I'm an actual gamer and not a youtube viewer.