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Friday, 6 July 2018

So Jessica Price Just got Fired, Here's What I Have To Say About That

The kindest thing I can say about Jessica Price being fired is "I'm glad she's no longer around to keep doing harm".

Karma, like Jessica herself, is a bitch!


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    2. Dismissing the entirety of #Reddit (or #Twitter, or #Facebook, or #Medium, or #GooglePlus) is like dismissing all of China because their government is a little handsy. It's idiotic. And unlike the rest of those it's consistently indexed by search engines and has a sane navigation structure. I can actually follow a discussion there, link to a response, and have my replies collected on my profile.

      And the problem wasn't her free speech, it was her condescending, dismissive, and _sexist_ attitude towards users. As the #CtrlLeft likes to say, freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences, and nobody owes her a platform or job. And when you're on the 'ArenaNet _Narrative_ Team' and say things like...

      _"The dirty secret is I'm not sure if it's possible to make an MMORPG (or CRPG) character compelling, because people have different expectations about what that character will be, as opposed to a pre-designed character in a single-player game."_

      ...I think it's reasonable to assume that _maaaybe_ you're not as good at your job as you think you are.

    3. I reread her tweets. My bad. Duck her. Arenanet made the right choice

  2. Funny how people suddenly care about free speech when a feminazi loses her job for making a complete ass of herself on social media, but if a man dares to express a non-SJW-approved opinion (however politely), those same people are the first to cry "Crucify him!"

    Ordinarily I wouldn't be in favor of someone losing their job over something that wasn't work-related, but in this case she was being a jerk while representing the company, so the company was well within its rights to divorce itself from her toxic ass.


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    1. She ran Paizo for many years and added all kinds of SJW bullshit to Pathfinder. She was famous for treating every man around her with total contempt and insult while claiming harassment of various kinds from anyone who dared question her. She'd be a favored guest (once a Gencon 'guest of honor') to appear on panels to talk about how horrible and Toxic the RPG hobby is and how RPGs need to be fundamentally changed to get rid of racism/sexism/homophobia and to drive away the evil white men.

    2. Not to mention, the whole Drivethrurpg/RpgNow thing, where as a representative of Paizo, she conducted open warfare on other companies products.

    3. Yup, that too. She was one of the main architects of the attempt to impose widespread censorship on us pesky small-press publishers that the SJWs can't control.

  4. I only remembered her from the whole Frank Mentzer debacle.