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Friday 13 July 2018

Video: Stuff They Taught You Wrong About D&D: "Equal Time"

So I ran a little late in making this video, but here it is.

I've been hearing this advice for newbie D&D DMs all over social media (especially twitter), saying "it's really important you give all your players equal time"!

That's horrible advice. And here, I explain why.


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  1. I'd say TRY to give everyone equal time, but they want to have to be the focus. when I'm GM, I try to run my games like a soap opera, I try to give everyone an A plot and at least 1 B plot. in the A plot they are the focus, and maybe the B plots of others tie into the A plot, and maybe they don't but each player will have their B plot tie to someone else's A plot.

  2. Everyone has the opportunity for equal time. It's up to the player to seize it. This sounds like more of the "all outcomes must be equal" nonsense.