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Sunday 22 July 2018

Filming and Other Weekend Activities

Today, just a quick note, as I've been busy filming the next episode of Inappropriate Characters, which should come out tomorrow.  Our guest star was Jobe Bittman, who did a fantastic job of keeping up with us.

Yesterday I ran our third session of my new Lords of Olympus campaign, and it's going great too. Expect a new play report from Aetos' player, which will come out sometime in the next two weeks.  Also, a reminder: Lords of Olympus is currently on sale at the Precis Intermedia store!

And the day before that, I ran my Lion & Dragon game, which was also great. The PCs went raiding against some Saxons, and got their first taste of the dangerous and very magical Forest Sauvage.

Anyways, check back tomorrow for the link to the new Inappropriate Characters episode!


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