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Wednesday 4 July 2018

Lords of Olympus Play Report #2: The Primordial

So, here's the second play report for Lords of Olympus, which I'll remind you is presented by one of my players, not myself. Except the pictures, and notes in italics. Those are my additions.

Play Report #2

At Hecate's School of Wizardry

Ralph has continued to study, looking enthusiastic about the idea of summoning Daemons to bind them with his weapon from Albion Earth, Alfbrand. Yet he is contacted again by this mysterious man, claiming that Paneb s life is still in danger...and he must run to the caves! But BOLT-Os arrest has put the school on it's edge. Guard Mummies are being deployed to keep students from going away.

Meanwhile, Paneb has made efforts towards finding a way to contact his father Hades...he's gathered information about him, but has not yet found a way to actually talk to him. As he is revealed of the continuing menace to his life on the school, he gathers the help of Apophenia and Paredolia as they are having breakfast with Ralph...finding Jesuses and dungeon maps on their toasts.

(Pareidolia: seeing an image where none exists)

Paneb tries to deceive the students using his glamour and transforming himself into some hot actress. He manages to touch one of them, reading his mind about the mysterious wanderer that bore the dire warnings, Uncle Roman! He afterwards tried a stealthy escape "by running really fast"...which is a great way to get noticed.

Having gathered the necessary information, both Paneb and Ralph try to run for the caves...but they where attacked by 5 more of the terrible Shadow Demons! Ralph used his own powers and managed to turn Alfbrand on fire again, yet the Daemon that he summoned repeated the same prophecy of Paredolia, that Ralph was this sort of "impossible child"....

Uncle Roman wanted to take Paneb with him, telling him that he would take them to a place where "everything would be explained", so after they fought the Shadow demons, Roman suggested Paneb to take some strange drugs with him. While Roman was planning on leaving Ralph behind, Both Paneb and Ralph insisted on going together. So now, the three of them are going on a strange LSD trip through the caves, with Uncle Roman trying to "lose" Ralph on the way, to no avail....

With the EM Men

While still trying to find Sea Goat, the EM men take on the job to spy on Elon Musk through his camera systems. Pressured by Fito, Cyclops (Whose real name turned out to be Brontes) reveals a test with three magical resonating coins to inquire about his origin as a Deity. As he resonates with the coins, he discovers that Fito is actually born of Olympian Origin...Fito explains to Cyclops how he is displeased on Elon´s hiding of the truth.

Elon gets into an argument with Cyclopes, while Guillermo was spying on them with the camera system, but as Elon found out, he cast a shroud of darkness that obstructed the camera´s vision. They both went running towards them, but as Arrit started following, Elon's humongous genetically-modified cat that she had taken as a pet beckoned her to move in a different direction. Now alone, Arrit found Sea Goat, who had infiltrated the EM headquarters at Antarctica and told Arrit to go with him and escape. Blindly trusting him, Arrit got into a Tesla submarine and went with Sea Goat to Atlantis, as Sea Goat revealed that he was actually Briareus, one of the Hecantocheries, and that he did not trust Elon Musk but wanted to help Arrit to find about the secrets of her immortality.

When they got to the great kingdom of Atlantis, they met with Triton, son of Poseidon, who told them that Poseidon was not there, allegedly doing "some kind of nonsense".

Elon was confronted by Fito and Guillermo, who confessed to being the son of the God Hephasteus, and told them that he wanted to help them, as he did not think that it was fair that they where abandoned. Doing some DNA tests, he confirmed that Fito is actually an Olympian, but he was shocked when he discovered that Guillermo is actually a Primordial, born likely from parents who preceded even the Titans!

The EM men decided to find Arrit and Sea Goat, and so, the heroes hopped in another Tesla submarine with Brontes and Elon Musk to follow their path to Atlantis; but Sea Goat, knowing they would follow, warned Triton of the menace, and Triton did not seem pleased...

In The Architect´s City

As Helena, Corey and Aetos tried to reach the Resistance´s leader (aptly named "Toilette") through wandering around the bazaar as they were told, they where not approached on the entirety of the day. Helena discovered that this was likely because they never met Aetos, and therefore did not trust him. Aetos decided to part ways for the night after sharing to Helena the mental image that he had of the Architect as read on the Minister´s minds, and Corey and Helena went back to their hotels with the hopes of trying again tomorrow.

Disguising himself as a guard, Aetos ambushed a pair of the City´s henchmen, and read their minds, obtaining the information that these guards are apparentlty modified humans, brainwashed and nearly stupefied robots controlled by the state. He managed to also obtain info on their sleep schedules, locations, weapon desposits and access points to those weapon deposits. He now felt confident about his amassing of information, knowing about the Minister´s next meetings, their identities, locations, and even the area where imigrants enter the City; but when he returned to the hotel, agents of the science ministry of the city "invited" him to peacefully come with them to their headquarters. Being left with no choice but escape or compliance, Aetos informed Corey and Helena and left to the science ministry in hopes of obtaining more information that would help the team to aid the resistance.

Apparently, Aetos' wanderings had gone too far, one of the old age judges he had sex with had suspicions about him when he read her mind, and had decided to leverage her influence to capture and study Aetos. As he was placed in a small waiting chamber, they tried to doze him off to sleep with a potent gas. Protected by his Metamorphosis, Aetos tired of the judge´s and scientists tricks, and decided to punch his way out of the ministry, by transforming into an 8 feet tall gigantic ultra equipped version of the statue of Rhodes.

After what was arguably a lot of guard punching and mind reading, Aetos found out that a terrible monster had escaped the science Ministry before, and that the scientists where very worried about this incident to the point that they had prepared a missile launcher should they find it. He decided to wreak havoc on the place, then he managed to track down the judge (now aptly nicknamed "Sonic the Hedgehog" for her amazing speed in both bed and escapes) and the scientist that had plotted against him, grabbing both´s face´s and flying away to the forest, but not before sending a last message to Helena and Corey, telling them that he would be unable to contact them through cellphone as he would be tracked, and breaking both his phone and those of his newfound prisoners.

Meanwhile, Helena and Corey used the distraction to get in touch with the resistance. Apparently, there are two resistance groups, the one run by Toilette, who is interested in Helena. Toilette revealed that she was actually the child of the minor Goddess Cloaca, Goddess of the Sewers, and that their main goal is to have her meet with Moon Girl, a masked hero of the city who is allied to the resistance, and get her out of the City by any means necessary.

The second group, the "League of Liberation of the City" are an armed group of militant terrorists, who had a special interest in Corey, because when they where founded twenty years ago by the mysterious "Lord of War", he predicted that an immigrant named Corey would appear and ultimately defeat the government of the City. Corey went with them, unsure of how to help them.

On the last moment´s of the session, Helena met Toilette´s brother, called "Latrine" who was gravely wounded, as he burst in to the Resistance's hideout bearing a dire warning, saying that "the door that must never be opened" had finally opened.

Where is Uncle Roman going to take Ralph and Paneb? Can we have some of his drugs? What are Sea Goat´s intentions, and why does he distrust Elon Musk? How will the now divided group manage to escape the city? And more importanyl, how many NPC names based on toilets could we possibly have left?

Only Fate truly knows.

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