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Thursday 5 July 2018

Video: Kraken Dice Under Attack by SJWs for 4th of July Sale

My newest video, made at Bill the Elf's house (guest starring his dogs)!

A dice company is under attack by SJWs, in spite of making rainbow LGBT dice, for Not Being Leftist Enough... and for having a 4th of July sale. Because, you know, America is "evil".


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  1. Their first mistake was even talking to SJW types. It always goes from that to "if you don't do whatever we want, we will accuse you of anything we feel like." That has been and will continue to be their modus operandi.

  2. "It's not enough to say you support LGBT people and to actually support them in real-life ways that matter, you also have to declare your undying support for Our Cause (the specifics of which are subject to change, according to the manufactured outrage du jour). A REAL ally would let Us paint his house with Our propaganda slogans. Anyone who doesn't is a literal Nazi. What's that? Of course We speak with the authority of all queer people! How dare you question Us?"