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Monday 23 July 2018

New Inappropriate Characters Video, Guest-Starring Jobe Bittman!

EPISODE 4 of Inappropriate Characters is now out, and it's our longest one yet!  And we go totally off the reservation with our fantastic special guest star +Jobe Bittman !

In tonight's exciting episode we:
-Continue our fundraising efforts to convince +Venger Satanis's wife to let him stay up later.

-Talk about the connection between Lovecraft & Donald Trump

-Get derailed talking about James Gunn's firing and how should Cultural Libertarians feel about that?

-Find out about Jobe's new secret LotFP project for +James Raggi and why he wants to make his players kill children

-Learn the secrets of the Seattle Storygames scene from Jobe's inside investigations.

-Hear how Critical Role fans are now accusing Matt Mercer of being homophobic for killing an LGBT player character on his D&D-themed Youtube Show

-With a total of 10 kids between the four of us, bring up the subject of roleplaying with kids and what murderous little shits they are.

-Question #WoTC 's real commitment to LGBT diversity as Jobe reveals how they erased all his gay characters from the adventure he published for them! 

-Discuss the She-Ra controversy and how He-Man is actually a badass Sword & Sorcery setting

-Hear Jobe tell us what's not fun about the #LotFP system, and his epic experience playing Cyborg Commando

-talk about the influence of Jobe's occultism on his game design (and mine on my games).

-discuss why the people who don't like us don't like us. And why they lie about us.

All this and more, in the best and funniest talk show of the #DnD Intellectual Dark Web!

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  1. Nice chitchat; poor Grimjim struggles to get a word in when Pundit is in full flow! Although D&D isn't a system I care for too much I just ordered Lion and Dragon as a gesture of support. I'm sure a lot of it can be converted to T&T ;-)

  2. I probably do talk too much. Though also, Grimjim was probably sleepy.

  3. And thanks for buying Lion & Dragon! I hope you enjoy it and I'm sure there's stuff you'll be able to convert.