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Sunday 23 February 2014

Dark Albion Campaign Update: 1467

(Dark Albion is a complete fantasy campaign setting, based on my LotFP campaign, which is available in system-neutral form for free on theRPGsite)

Events: 1467

-Grand Duke Philip of Burgundy dies. Charles of Burgundy is his heir. He immediately retakes the city of Liege from the Frogmen, earning himself the title of "Charles the Terrible".

-The Turk invade Border Princes again but are beaten back after failing to win the siege of Kruje.

-William Canynges abandons the mayoralty of Bristol, and becomes a monk.  The shipping magnate had for almost three decades been the wealthiest of (and one of the most powerful) commoners in Albion, controlled the city of Bristol, and had played a significant role in supporting the Lancastrian cause.  With the failures of the Lancastrians, he had found himself in a politically precarious position and may have abandoned his power and wealth in fear for his life.

-Pontifex Paulus II arrests and tortures many of the pontifical secretaries after accusing them of conspiring against him. He accuses "learned men" and especially the magisterium of attempting to subvert the church toward heathenism; magisters are persecuted in Arcadia, but find refuge in the Commonwealth.

-Geoffrey Boleyn becomes sheriff of London. Bishop Thomas Rotheram (nicknamed "the Scot") becomes Keeper of the Privy seal (replacing Prince-Bishop Ralph Neville of Durham). Robert Stillington, clerical high commander, becomes Lord Chancellor (replacing Oxford Magister-Chancellor George Neville).

-Humphrey Dacre, younger brother of Baron Dacre, returns to Albion and is pardoned for his involvement in the Lancastrian cause.

In Our Campaign:

In this relatively slow year our players managed to engage in an investigative adventure where they learned about a hidden temple to an ancient Elven Death Cult.  I was stunned when they wisely decided NOT to open the still-intact magical seal holding whatever was in the temple trapped within.  It made for a much shorter adventure than I expected, but was definitely the safer and wiser choice for the PCs, so I was sure to reward them with plenty of XP (they did, after all, "defeat" the great evil within by not letting it out in the first place).

I should point out also that Geoffrey Boleyn was the older brother of one of our player characters; and yes, both were implied to be ancestors of the future queen Anne Boleyn.


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