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Friday 7 February 2014

Mutant Chronicles!

So my friend Chris Birch at Modiphius games has asked me to give a shout out to his latest Kickstarter project, and I'm quite happy to oblige.  They've already done amazing work with Achtung Cthulhu!, so they've certainly got the rep to do this one right.

The new Mutant Chronicles RPG (a new edition of a classic game) Kickstarter has already reached funding level and quite a bit more, so its a given conclusion that it is happening.  This is a crazy classic game that undoubtedly deserves a now-third look.  So check it out if you like post-apocalyptic techno-fantasy insanity.


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  1. Mutant Chronicles is one of those games where within 30 seconds of looking at it, you already know if you'll hate every idea within the books, or you'll think it's basically the mostest awesomest that has ever been devised :)