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Friday 28 February 2014

So Cheap You Want Some Slightly-dinged RPG Books at a Big Discount?

If so, then Precis Intermedia is the company for you.  They're having a Big Clearance Sale, of slightly dented, misprinted, and closeout books.  They're all new, though some of them have very slight problems; and they're all at a big price rollback to make up for it.

I find it a little bit funny, I guess, but its a good chance if you wanted a print copy of some of Precis' books and don't really care if it arrives slightly imperfect (still better than what you might get from E-bay).  And anyways, the main reason I'm promoting it here is because among the many games available you can get Gnomemurdered and Lords of Olympus, potentially for as low as $4.95!  That is a very good deal.

Go on, let your inner cheapskate blossom and check it out.  If you'd ever buy a used RPG book, then this is really no different.


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  1. Collectionists say away, unless you are into collecting clearance items :P

    Anything you would recommend apart from those two books, I happen to already own them.

  2. Well, I don't know if either would be especially up your alley, but Shatterzone is a great science-fiction RPG from the 90s; and Mean Streets is a really good RPG for 1930s "noir" style crime and mob drama.