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Tuesday 18 February 2014

DCC Campaign Update: Jellyfishmen!

DCC Campaign Update

In our last adventure, the PCs discovered:

-That dark elves look totally "dark" but the effect is ruined by their squeaky little voices.

-That the Assassin King and the Assassin's Guild have a more complicated relationship than their names would suggest.

-That if a Frenchman's first words to you are "non, je ne suis pas un robot!"... he's a robot.

-That the temple of the Love-Goddess Titia is not going to be as fun a time as it sounds.

-That in the Desert of Devastation, creatures like to attack on the second watch of the night.

-That Camel Racing is a very profitable profession and respectable in certain circles.

-That the Krakenshark is not the scariest thing in the Sea of Sighs

-That the King of Elfland really, really has the universe's most awesome aquarium.

-That its a very bad idea to offer up the dragon that's currently saving your ass as a gift to the King of Elfland.

-That the Jellyfishmen of the Deep have very good manners, and a hat obsession.

-That the Assassin's Guild is not a Community College.

-That the Assassin King will go to obscene lengths to adequately nuke his pizza pockets.


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1 comment:

  1. Imps like to sunbathe and play the Ukulele.

    Water skins make for great flotation devices, specially with heavy plate mail.

    It's always a good idea to remember to try to cast sequester before one goes to sleep.

    You don't get to chose what to wear when the Assassin King tells you to put something on.

    That the King's guards captain does not bet.

    That all sessions by The Pundit are really amazing, and the Wench makes the most delicious curries in the group, even if they don't contain animal protein :)