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Monday 3 February 2014

UnCracked Monday

Since I have to go pick up The Wench at the airport today, and since I'm running late already, without any further commentary here's an interesting article about WoTC's new strategy for D&D.


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  1. Whether or not this "strategy" has any impact depends entirely on what lengths Wizards of the Coast wishes to actually go to to support those games and gamers who don't directly play 5e and don't wish to be channeled to it. I think it would be a fine thing to see them continue to support AD&D (and 2e and 3e and 4e) beyond merely saying "Here's some PDFs". However I don't think they will.

  2. Considering that the OSR is already producing a lot of new material for earlier editions, do you think it would be enough if WoTC simply provided evergreen versions of the reprints of older manuals and maybe some of the most successful classic adventures?