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Tuesday 11 February 2014


So it seems that a combination of work pressures and awesome stuff coming along has turned me into one of the guys who's every few posts is just a recommendation.  But that's not terrible, right?  I mean, I presume some of you readers want to find out about interesting RPGs that are just out or in the work?

Anyways, a few days ago I recommended the Mutant Chronicles RPG, currently in the process of a Kickstarter campaign.  I should note that while Chris Birch asked me if I'd give it a recommendation, I am in no way involved in the project nor did any money change hands. 

With today's recommendation, I wasn't even solicited to make it.  A few years back I reviewed the excellent Mindjammer sourcebook for Starblazer Adventures, written by the excellent Sarah Newton.

Well, now Mindjammer has evolved into its own RPG.  Still based on the FATE system, its now independent of Starblazer.   The original was a great game setting, pretty much the only "transhumanism" game I ever saw that I could actually stomach as playable.  So I felt I should encourage and promote the new version; I will note that I haven't actually read this book (obviously) but if its anything like the previous edition I'm betting it'll be worth getting.

Anyways, apparently they're taking pre-orders now, so if you read the blurb at the link and its the kind of thing you like, give it a try.


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  1. Quick question, have you ever seen or reviewed Dawning Star in any of its formats? Dawning Star is getting a FATE treatment soon and I'm actually rather torn on which one I want to sink money into.

  2. I have not reviewed Dawning Star, sorry!

  3. Might be worth a look when it comes out! I hope so anyway.

  4. I'll be sent review copies, so I'll be able to tell you for sure one way or the other here.