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Thursday 13 February 2014

Lords of Olympus: Mythic (Super) Heroes!

I mentioned something in my review of Lords of Olympus a few days back,  the review being generally well-received, that I wanted to elaborate on a little bit.  I had said that people who were looking for play imitating certain sources would find LoO useful.  In addition to Greek Myth itself, I mentioned such things as Clash of the Titans, Percy Jackson, and also, the more mythological runs of Wonder Woman.

I could elaborate on that last point: I have not been reading the new-52 Wonder Woman, but one of my players does, and he was the first to point out to me that a lot of what is going on in the new run (well, “new” is relative since its been going on for what, 15 issues now?) is absolutely something that could come right out of Lords of Olympus.

So there you go, if you’re a Wonder Woman fan, you might want to check out LoO; but to expand further on that, I would say that Lords of Olympus is a game that would be very well suited for the “Mythological supers” concept.  Not just Wonder Woman or Marvel’s Hercules, but Thor and even Hawkman in his more Egyptian moments, or Aquaman or Namor in their more Atlantean.

In fact, it’d be a hell of a thing to run a relatively “closed realm” LoO campaign where the PCs are the “Ultimates”-style first/new/only heroes of a modern Earth (maybe with a few Heroic Mortals trying to give them some competition).


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(originally posted December 19, 2012; on the old blog)

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