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Wednesday 26 February 2014

Patronize the Pundit

So I had noticed there's a lot of talk around the blogosphere about people receiving patronage (a model I've written about before and suggested is going to be a very crucial part of the post-internet economy as time goes by, in many different forms) for their writing.

My blog entries, and in a larger sense my general contributions of things like operating theRPGsite, are not a small part of the work I do, in the sense of time I have to dedicate to it every day.  If you don't believe me, just ask the poor Wench, who has often had to hear my morning tirades about "I don't have time for that, I haven't even written my blog entry yet!".

And, being by no means a rich man, there have been a few times when I've felt torn between being able to dedicate the necessary time to my RPG-hobby work and the actual work I get paid for.  I think there are probably readers here who really appreciate my blog entries, or who appreciate theRPGsite, either because they agree with the kind of things I say, or because they find the stuff I promote and link to informative or useful, or because they enjoy getting their daily dose of bile at being pissed off or outraged about what I write or how I write it.

So, if you appreciate this blog, and want to help me in being able to keep offering the kind of material I do every day, we now have a fresh new paypal button just to the upper right of what you're reading at this very moment.  You'll notice it has various options for different levels of sponsorship; so if you like, you can just send me a fiver if you read something here that truly blew you away, or that you found incredibly helpful. Or you could help with what amounts to a subscription; if you read my blog every day, why not contribute fifty cents or a dollar a day to show your magnanimous support?
And there's a couple of higher options, too; if, say, you're insanely rich, or just insane, or if something you read here saved your life or found you true love or allowed you to obtain superpowers.

So there we are. Thanks again for reading and enjoying this blog, whether or not you push the paypal button!


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  1. You finally did that :-)

    Just like donating to Wikipedia or Khan Academy.

    Sounds like a jolly idea :-)

  2. Thanks. I don't know if I'd quite compare it to those two very noble ventures, but it is a nice way to encourage and support someone you like to regularly read.

  3. I'd actually would like to compare it, as if I take into consideration the following factor, you devote more time per person to my online reading entertainment than those two noble ventures.

    I donate every 6 months to both Khan and Wiki.

    Let say that I on a daily basis I spend 20 min on this blog, 45 hour in Wiki and 15 min in Khan.

    If we then think about how many writers/employees/volunteers these websites have, then the effort you dedicate on your blog is definitely worth rewarding.

    Therefore being it that once ThePundit defined that I am a "Material something" (you can fill in the second word I don't remember it), it's only logical to contribute :P

  4. Positivist. You're a Material Positivist. And thank you for your very logical argument as to why people should send me money!