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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Everyjoe Special Edition: Donald Trump's Enemies List

You know, I'm not a happy Trump fan; that is to say, not happy about being one. But I have to admit I've become a Trump fan.  It's really really hard not to when he has the entire GOP, Democrat and Media elites up in arms against him, and he keeps showing them up for what they are.

My conversion, which is more reluctant than Saul at Damascus, has given me a lot of insight into what is really the fundamental driving force behind Trump's success. It isn't racism, or xenophobia, or small hands, or any of the other things the Media or the GOP bosses try to paint it as.  Find out what it's really all about in my new Everyjoe article: The GOP, Media and Regressive Left Are Proving Trump's Case For Him.

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  1. As a Socialist, I'm not a happy Trump fan either but it seems clear to me Bernie isn't going to win and I'd rather see Trump get the job than Clinton or Cruz.

  2. Yes, Socialism has worked so well in the past under Hitler, Stalin, Mao...