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Wednesday 23 March 2016

OBS Turns Around, Quickly Reinstates Alpha Blue, But This Resolves NOTHING

So, it is a victory, kind of!

Alpha Blue author Venger Satanis is now reporting that he had a conversation with Steve Wieck where the latter agreed to reinstate Alpha Blue.  This after they  had earlier pulled Alpha Blue and threatened to keep it out for up to two weeks while they 'reviewed' the case, based on complaints made by some Pseudo-Activist Swine who found the slightly naughty game offensive.
This was only possible because OBS has already surrendered to the notion of allowing this Outrage Brigade to act as CENSORS over the gaming hobby.

Now, it is great news that Alpha Blue is back and that once again Wieck has chosen to stand up for the right of these RPGs to exist, though it doesn't change the fundamental issue. I mean, what's to stop SJWs from mass outrage and pushing Wieck to fold and ban it again, which is exactly what happened with 'tournament'?

They are bound to be angry about this, and Wieck has a perfect track record of submitting to their demands thus far.   

It also doesn't change the deeper issue: that the whole 'report button' process of pre-censoring books while they are 'under review' is FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG.  It is deeply offensive. I'll go so far as to call it an active EVIL. 

And let's see whether the 'white list' really means anything or not.  Remember, Wieck so far has a PERFECT track record of SURRENDER and APPEASEMENT to the SJWs.  We'll have to see what happens now when Tracy Hurley or Fred Hicks or any of the usual suspects start to raise up a ruckus about how Wieck is "enabling rape culture" by having "endorsed" Alpha Blue.  We'll see just how long his newfound lack of utter spineless cowardice holds

It's great that Alpha Blue is back (and now has the theoretical promise of never being pulled again, though I suspect that promise isn't worth the paper its written on).  But this doesn't change the fact that the book SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN CENSORED IN THE FIRST PLACE.


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  1. First, agreed 1000%.

    Second, how is it that White Wolf products including PICTURES of girl-on-girl rape and torture have never been reported while OSR games are? We are supposed to be SO ignorant as to not understand what's happening here?

    White Wolf = In Crowd - Fascist "In" Crowd/Click
    Alpha Blue = OSR Crowd - Some peeps making games they like for others who like what they're making.

    This is a simple engineered weapon to ruin those who are not in the "in" crowd plain and simple. It is not to protect anyone (it's behind the adult filter which DOES not display unless you are logged in AND you have removed the filter...). It is not to create a safe space, OBS stores are filled with controversial material including stories, comics and RPGS. It certainly is not adjudicated fairly as is obvious by the TONS of controversial material that remains.

    Let's review the stupid fascist report model;

    1. EVERYTHING not reported is fine. Default. Please use adult filters, at your discretion.
    2. When something is reported it is WRONG. It must be taken down to be reviewed. The act of reporting penalizes the publisher immediately with lost sales.
    3. IF the company decides the product is not offensive, it's goes back up. No compensation to the publisher.
    4. IF the company decides the product IS offensive, it stays banned. WHICH for the kids at home not keeping score, is SO GODDAMNED HYPOCRITICAL that several alternate universes were just annihilated with the wave of injustice, outrage and stupidity.

    I have suggested many times; to simply create a handful of more specific adult filters. Ones that filter out specific subjects so those so inclined can avoid them. Why not do this?


    This is not about offensive material. it's about assassinating publishers who don't tow the line (or worse, are not in the "in" crowd).

    Fucking. Assholes.

  2. World of darkness has some crazy shit in it. Totally didn't even think of that. Great point

  3. I think it's all about appeasement.
    It's about a business model that prevents almost any harm to OBS.

    There is those ugly "report button" ... to let people voice their concern. If used, there will be a fast review which almost always will reinstate the product.

    Why to use the "system"?
    Because OSB can tell the squallers: "We listen to you. We do consinder your concerns." And in the next turn: "... but we do not share your judgement. And no, we can't give you criteria, because we review on a case by case basis and many layers need to be taken into account."

    The affected publisher may - at first - be shocked about the report. While communicating with OBS (s)he will get the impression: OBS is caring.
    In the End: Both parties might not be happy - but they might not be unhappy enough to leave OBS.

    Don't get me wrong: taking down products might happen, but rather not from famed publishers. I'm not sure if OBS would need to unse multible standards. There might be pawn sacrifices and there might be protégés.

    In the end the goal is clearly something like "neither LotFP nor evil hat should have enough reasons to leave. It might set off an avalanche."

    Futhermore ... of course OBS will use "professionalsim" as a sword.

    I think it's important to OBS neither party "to win".

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. 1. I don't see that anyone said he has no right to sell what he wants or not sell what he doesn't want.
      2. This is exactly how it should work: consumers expressing displeasure with his business decisions and he can choose how to respond.
      3. Maybe you are from elsewhere, but here a business does not have the right to do whatever they want. There are many anti discrimination, antitrust, anti-price fixing, anti gouging laws and the like.

    2. In 1950 you'd have been saying "those black people can just start their own lunch counters."

  5. My apologies. I made several mistakes in my post. I will not bother you anymore.

    1. Again, I must apologize. You were correct. I was gravely mistaken in several points so I removed the offending post so that they will not insult you anymore.

      Please accept my sincere apology for my rash words.