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Saturday, 19 March 2016

The New Game (store) in Town (Online): Tabletop Library!

So, first, I have to say I had another great time last night at the "Tavernorca" RPG game night. It was quite the blast having people come over asking me to sign copies of Lords of Olympus!

And of course, my Dark Albion: Inquisitors Campaign game went very well. I had a full house of players: two returning from the last game, one of my regulars who dropped in, and three new players.  It was damn fun, and I'm guessing a lot of them will be back for next time.  I'm playing it as a casual kind of campaign; players can drop in or not depending on if they can make it, which is the format necessary for that kind of game.

Meanwhile, there's also some news about Arrows of Indra!  You can now find Arrows in a new storefront; as well as its existing sales venues, you can find Arrows of Indra in the Tabletop Library.   That's a brand new online RPG-focused store.  More specifically, focused on OSR products, but importantly, not exclusively!  There's already quite a few interesting products for sale on there, so go check it out.

And if you haven't already bought Arrows of Indra, here's a great chance to do so and to support a badly-needed competitor to the RPGnow monopoly.  Having stores like this around can help prevent the big boy in town from choosing to bow to pressure to committing censorship, and that's important.


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